Participation of the United States of KAILASA in a discussion on the General Comment on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and Sustainable Development at the United Nations in Geneva

LOS ANGELES, CA, February 25, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — The Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights (ESCR) encompass essential human rights such as adequate food, housing, education, health, social security, cultural participation, water and sanitation, and work. The upcoming General Comment will focus on the challenges of achieving sustainability while also ensuring respect, protection, and fulfillment of these human rights.

However, there are obstacles to sustainable development, including the historical ethnocide and genocide of Hindus and the persecution of the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism (SPH) Nithyananda Paramashivam, head of State of KAILASA, which was addressed by Her Excellency Vijayapriya Nithyananda, the Permanent Ambassador to the UN from the United States of KAILASA.

The SPH is reviving Hinduism, which encompasses 10,000 unique traditions in 56 Hindu nations that once contributed to over 40% of the world’s GDP. KAILASA has implemented treaties based on Hindu principles, such as “Vasudeva Kutumbhakam” and “Oneness,” which promote responsible governance and a moral and generous lifestyle. KAILASA also practices responsible democracy, which advocates for peace, non-violence, and harmonious co-existence between all beings.

With the goal of uniting all nations, The SPH initiated the 108 SHRIKAILASA Uniting Nations (SKUN) that support a variety of humanitarian efforts which collectively allows for the creation of an enlightened, peaceful, sustainable, equitable, resilient and thriving world. The 108 SKUN Initiatives align to the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) and expand on to many other initiatives, incorporating other elements which are rooted in the ancient Sciences of Hinduism, universal practical applications to bring about time tested, full proof, lasting solutions to the world’s problems, whether it’s economical, social, environmental etc.

Among many other such policies, the United States of KAILASA has the right to free education, free food, free shelter, free clothing, free medical care as its constitutional right, in alignment with the injunctions of the ancient sacred Hindu scriptures. In terms of Gender Equality and Reduced Inequality, The SPH initiates women into sannyas (monkhood), elevating them to the ranks equivalent to Bishops and Archbishops, and also giving women voting rights. KAILASA has fostered an environment that naturally allows women to develop into leaders where women hold 80% of leadership positions. While KAILASA’s policy stipulates that 33% of legislative positions should be held by women, women make up 90% of the governance. KAILASA’s national policy puts the health of women as the utmost priority, taking precedence over all other national budgets. As part of this policy, women are granted time off during their monthly cycle. These ancient Hindu treatises and policies are fundamental to the achievement of SDG Goals.

Despite these efforts, the SPH is the most persecuted leader. A massive hate propaganda, lawfare and legal action was started on the SPH including a court ban on preaching and traveling, violating the SPH’s human rights and causing a deprivation of economic, social, and cultural rights for the SPH and Hindus, as well as for the Aboriginal Indigenous Agricultural Tribes (AIAT), for which the SPH is the leader.

Despite the decade long persecution, the time tested principles of Hinduism revived by the SPH and implemented in the United States of KAILASA have borne success and KAILASA has taken the responsibility to give holistic solutions to the problems that the world is facing through Hindu governance, parliament, responsible democracy and enlightened blissful living.

At the discussion, the Permanent Ambassador called for solutions to end the persecution of the SPH and KAILASA, which would in turn aid greatly with the achievement of sustainable development globally.

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