Unleashing Employee Success: apnTech’s Winning Company Culture

ANAHEIM, CA, June 01, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Today, apnTech, a rapidly expanding Tech Enabled B2B Sales and Marketing company with offices in Anaheim, California, and Garfield, New Jersey announced the expansion of their company culture initiative— doubling down on the company’s already thriving workplace culture.

The award winning tech company was nominated for Best Places to Work in 2023, a testament to their unwavering commitment to fostering an exceptional company culture.

In addition to recently concluding APN Culture Week, during which the company celebrated with food trucks, live bands, luncheons, and other events, apnTech continues to elevate its vibrant culture with a range of exciting events and initiatives. The company prides itself on fostering an energetic and inclusive culture that values and acknowledges the distinctive talents and contributions of its team members.

Vice President of Leadership at APN, JJ, exemplifies the company’s dedication to personal development. JJ conducts one-on-one personal development sessions with employees during business hours, providing guidance and support. JJ also holds a weekly company-wide Zoom meeting that allows for open communication between team members and alignment across the organization.

“Company culture is so important to us. We understand that empowerment breeds success. Not just for our company, but for the people on our team. We want everyone on our team to have the opportunity for personal development, growth, success, and happiness—that’s what it’s all about.”—Co-founder and CEO of apnTech, Anthony Busciglio

To promote team bonding and camaraderie, apnTech organizes quarterly team events that foster a sense of community. Activities such as bowling, kickball, baseball games, bonfires, and hockey create opportunities for employees to connect outside of the work environment.

The company also recognizes the importance of physical well-being, and offers team fitness workouts, ensuring employees have access to activities that promote a healthy lifestyle.

In their commitment to continued learning and growth, apnTech hosts monthly guest speaker sessions on a variety of topics, including:

Credit building
Mortgages 101

These sessions offer valuable insights and empower employees to expand their knowledge and skills.

Renowned mindset coach Navin Thukkaram has collaborated with apnTech to offer mindset audio trainings. These teachings equip employees with powerful tools and help them develop a mindset that leads to personal and professional success.

The company also values and recognizes outstanding employee achievements with monthly awards and quarterly contests. Each month, apnTech employees look forward to Jersey Ceremonies, where the company awards select individuals who have demonstrated remarkable accomplishments throughout the month.

Awards such as Top Sales, Ironman, 6th Man Award, MVP, and EDC celebrate exceptional performance and recognize outstanding contributions.

Jersey Ceremony Award Achievements by Category:

Top Sales: The agent that generated the most revenue for the company in a given month.
Ironman/Iron Maiden: The employee that had outstanding attendance for the month with zero lates or absences.
6th Man Award: The person who stepped up to help out fellow employees throughout the office.
MVP: Most Valuable Player in the office.
EDC: The person who displayed apnTech’s core values (Enthusiastic, Disciplined, Competitive) throughout the month.

Quarterly Sales Contests and Prizes:

Pimp My Ride
Weekend Getaway
Hotel Stays
VIP Experiences

As apnTech continues its journey of growth and success, the company’s thriving culture remains at the heart of its accomplishments. The remarkable array of cultural events and initiatives, combined with apnTech’s customer-driven mission, fuels the personal growth and professional success of every team member, solidifying apnTech’s position as a leading organization in the industry.

apnTech’s tremendous revenue growth in recent years has earned the company a coveted spot on the prestigious Inc. Magazine’s 5000 list for 2022. Recognized in the category of Top Marketing Professionals, apnTech specializes in marketing automation, branding, and assisting small businesses in acquiring more customers.

Driven by a mission to empower small businesses, apnTech is at the forefront of helping companies maintain control over their data through the innovative use of blockchain technology. By leveraging blockchain, apnTech enables businesses to grow and establish dominance within their respective markets.

apnTech’s expertise spans various domains, including web design and development, blockchain, SaaS, review management, branding, and social media. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System), the company has expanded to over 70 employees, boasting a combined experience of over 100 years in sales, internet technology, marketing, and web design and development.

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