Phenyx Pro, renowned for its commitment to music lovers, announced the launch of the PTU-2U, a stunning wireless dual microphone system that inherits the studio-level sound quality and true diversity design for rock-firm stability.

SAN DIEGO, CA, July 08, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Phenyx Pro, renowned for its commitment to music lovers, has recently launched the beautifully refined Phenyx Pro PTU-2U wireless microphone. This dual microphone system embraces exciting new technology, expanding on the highly admired PTU-1U model.

The Phenyx Pro PTU-2U offers technology, sound quality, and durability that defies its incredibly reasonable price. By utilizing some of the most advanced technology, like high-performance true diversity wireless transmission, the Phenyx Pro engineering team has exceeded all expectations.

Above all, a microphone needs to deliver a beautifully clear sound without popping or distortion. This is where the Phenyx-Pro PTU-2U really shines. Across a wide range of frequencies, the audio quality is delightfully vibrant, crisp, and pure.

This is one of the most exciting developments in the sound studio and live performance world. Take a look at all that this remarkable radio mic has to offer.

High-Performance System

Built like a tank, with the refinement of silk. This is the best way to describe Phenyx Pro’s flagship wireless microphone system. It combines indestructible build quality with sophisticated technology to enhance its abilities.

True Diversity

To eliminate multipath interference, the Phenyx Pro PTU-2U utilizes the most advanced true diversity reception technology. Using two Atennas per microphone, positioned for optimal reception, the true diversity core processors automatically detect the stronger signal.

The two Atenas and dual dedicated receiver sections combine to detect the same audio signal. By switching between the audio signals, not the antennas, the PTU-2U offers the most stable signal. This duplication of antennas and processors offers the best way to eliminate dropout and feedback.

Given that at least one antenna should have a strong signal at any given time, the true diversity dual antenna and processor setup is generally considered the most reliable. This is the ultimate in stable audio signal technology.

Adjustable Frequency

Lovers of the PTU-1U will be delighted that the Phenyx Pro PTU-2U has retained the versatility of 1,000 adjustable 500MHz UHF groups. Each receiver can accommodate 1,000 frequencies per channel, 2,000 in total.

The system offers 25 banks of 40 preset frequencies, separated by 25KHz intervals, for each microphone. This allows you to use over 10 units simultaneously. To help sound engineers manage the multitude of frequencies, an auto-scan function will detect the best available frequency.

Superlative Rock-Firm Coverage

Designed for mid-size to large venues, the Phenyx Pro PTU-2U wireless microphone system offers exceptional coverage of up to 328 Ft (100M). Over this distance, you’re assured of perfectly stable transmission, drastically reducing the chances of dropout or cut-off.

Whether you’re a musician, DJ, or public speaker, performing in a church, large venue, or outdoor event, the superb range and wonderfully stable signal will ensure that you deliver your best performance. You don’t need to be constantly concerned about whether your mic is going to drop out, you can just get on with doing what you do best and let the technology take care of the rest.

Crystal Clear Sound

The studio-quality PTU-2U offers a sound that can only be described as truly sublime, thanks to the cardioid pattern that eliminates pops and ambient noise. By flattening the frequency response, a rich clear sound is achieved in the 50 – 18KHz frequency range.

This mic offers a wonderfully dynamic sound, ranging through bass, mid, and treble.

Easy-To-Use Functions

The product developers at Phenyx Pro understand the needs of both studio and live stage performances. A dedication to R&D, as well as a deep appreciation for music, means we engineer audio equipment that is incredibly easy to use.

Sound engineers and DJs will appreciate many of these innovative functions:
Lock-on Function: Easily lock or unlock the receiver channel, preventing accidental changes and function access.
Auto Scan: The Phenyx Pro PTU-2U wireless microphone system saves you time and hassle with a one-touch auto scan function. It accurately scans the RF environment to quickly locate the best available frequencies.
SQL Setting: Easily reduce white noise with the adjustable squelch level.

Uncompromised Quality and Design Integrity

The Phenyx Pro legacy is synonymous with high-quality materials combined with a design philosophy of unsurpassed innovation. To this end, the Phenyx Pro PTU-2U wireless microphone system is built tough, with outstanding components and attention to detail.

All-Metal Housing

The elegant Phenyx Pro PTU-2U wireless microphone design is simple and graceful, with a comfortable feeling in your hand. To ensure that both the microphones and receivers can withstand the rigors of live stage performance and a busy recording studio, only high-quality metal is used for the housing.

Replaceable Capsule

At Phenyx Pro, we understand that the hard-working environment of the performance industry can take a toll on even the best microphones and audio equipment. Using separate metal circuitry, instead of conventional wires, the PTU-2U capsule can be easily replaced if it is damaged.

You don’t need to replace the entire microphone if it is dropped.

Metal Handler

The PTU-2U receiver has two metal handles incorporated into the durable front panel, making it super-easy to install or remove from a rack case.

Adapter Cord Tie-off

With impeccable attention to detail, even the power adapter cord is protected by the use of a simple tie-off clip. It helps keep your cords organized and prevents damage.


You have the option to maximize battery life or improve the signal. The Phenyx Pro PTU-2U wireless microphone has an RF power switch, allowing you to select Hi mode if you want the best signal or Lo to save power and extend battery time.

Great Value, Uncompromised Quality

The Phenyx Pro PTU-2U wireless microphone system offers exceptional value for money. This is an incredibly well-made product with amazing high-tech functions and features at a fantastic price point. For beginners and professionals, Phenyx Pro audio products are a wonderfully affordable option without sacrificing durability or performance.

Apart from offering outstanding quality, the PTU-2U is simply a remarkable wireless microphone in terms of innovative technology. The True Diversity system is a real game-changer, offering the best signal quality, thereby eliminating one of the greatest drawbacks associated with radio mics.

Our team is dedicated to the essence of sound as a means of expression and emotional exchange. To this end, we are truly committed to research and development that will improve the experience for both performers and lovers of music. We endeavor to source high-quality components and materials to ensure that our audio equipment delivers on your expectations.

The Phenyx Pro PTU-2U perfectly encompasses our core values in every aspect of its design, form, and function. A beautifully crafted, high-quality wireless microphone, that’s accessible to all.

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