Gracefill helps resolutions to be kinder and more grateful in 2024

NEW YORK, NY, December 30, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Gracefill, a new social network focused on spreading conscious acts of kindness, is now available for pre-registration on the App Store and Play Store. Gracefill exists to counter negativity in social media with a space solely focused on authentic gratitude and meaningful connections. In emphasizing the value of others, Gracefill combats narcissism and unrealistic portrayals of happiness, and creates a space where time spent online is treasured, not consumed.

Built on a foundation of science linking gratitude to well-being, Gracefill takes gratitude journaling to the next level by encouraging users to reflect on the positive impact of others and express heartfelt thanks directly to them. This simple act of sharing gratitude messages strengthens relationships, reduces isolation, and creates a ripple effect of kindness and joy. Gracefill also lets users express gratitude in personal ways, including the ability to:
– Send private messages where the content and sender information isn’t visible to 3rd party users.
– Create memorial profiles where gratitude messages foster connections and healing among survivors and create a living legacy of shared memories.
– Set kindness goals, measure progress, and stay on track with daily or weekly reminders.

“Gracefill is more than just an app,” says Michael Amenta, co-founder & CEO. “It’s a movement to reclaim the power of genuine human connection in a world often dominated by superficiality. Our platform creates a supportive community where celebrating each other becomes the norm, leading to improved mental health, stronger bonds, and a more fulfilling life.”

Gracefill will be available for download on iOS and Android in mid-January to support resolutions to be kinder and more grateful.

About Gracefill
Gracefill is on a mission to make the world a more gracious place by strengthening relationships, building inner peace, and creating a constant flow of kindness. Learn more, pre-register to get the app, and join the Gracefill movement at

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