Inspired by 4th of July to help veterans. Some good news 🙂

MALIBU, CA, July 10, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Luxury Realtors® Monique Alexander and Lori Akhter, are a dynamic duo on a mission to sprinkle some goodness into our world. As Kevin Spacey once put it, “If you’re lucky enough to do well, it’s your responsibility to send the elevator back down.” These real-estate partners call Malibu home and work out of their swanky Nest Seekers Beverly Hills office on Canon Drive. These powerhouse ladies are renowned for their A-list clients, unwavering integrity, relentless work ethic, and brilliant ideas.

Recently, Monique made a conscious decision to contribute to environmental preservation by purchasing a Tesla, thus actively reducing her carbon footprint. Lori and Monique are inspired by the visionary leadership of Elon Musk and so have adopted his philosophy on continuous learning and innovation as well as contributing positively to society.

Monique did that in a big way this month by donating her previous vehicle to the Veteran Affairs, recognizing the steadfast dedication and sacrifices veterans make in safeguarding our nation. In light of the recent commemoration of July 4th, a timely reminder of their profound service, the Veteran Affairs were elated to receive this heartfelt contribution. Monique was glad she could give back to them in some way. Her kind act aligns with the belief that one’s actions serve as a testament to their character and values. Her compassionate nature, underscored by her thoughtful gestures towards people, animals and her commitment to environmental sustainability, exemplifies her unwavering dedication to making a positive impact. Through her philanthropic actions, Monique proves that actions truly reveal the essence of one’s character.

Lori Akther also greatly reveres and holds a deep affection for the military, to the extent that she dedicated two years of her life as an Army reservist. She like Monique and Elon believes in making the world a better place and has spent some of her time as a volunteering for the Salvation Army. Furthermore, she is married to a compassionate doctor who works tirelessly saving lives. On a particular day at a coffee shop, Lori engaged in a conversation with the barista who expressed admiration for her Dolce and Gabbana dress but expressed that she would never be able to afford such luxury. Driven by empathy, Lori returned home, ensured the dress was professionally cleaned, and kindly presented it to the barista. This instance serves as a reminder that when we find ourselves in a position to positively impact the lives of others, we have a responsibility to seize the opportunity.

Lori Akhter and Monique Alexander proudly belong to the esteemed Elliott Team at Nest Seekers, a prestigious group renowned for selling, buying and leasing ultra luxury homes. Lori and Monique believe that one does not require mega millions to make a profound impact on others. In our quest for opulence, let us not forget our duty to enhance the lives of those around us. Whether through warm smiles, attentive ears, selfless acts of giving, generous donations, heartfelt compliments, or assisting others in their financial endeavors, let us alleviate the burdens and stresses of others. By taking purposeful actions, let us enhance the quality of life for those deserving souls. It is our obligation to extend a helping hand and ensure that the world becomes a more beautiful place.

For more information, contact Lori Akhter, 310.912.1603, [email protected] or Monique Alexander, 310.359.2345, [email protected]

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Lori and Monique are Luxury Realtors®, Real-Estate Agents and Real-Estate Influencers. They are also referral agents helping people in other states and country’s select the best real estate agent in their area. They are members of the distinguished Elliott Team within Nest Seekers, a global network consistently achieving remarkable sales records in California and setting new benchmarks for price per square foot in Malibu. Contact Lori Akhter at 310.912.1603, [email protected] or Monique Alexander at 310.359.2345, [email protected]

They love real estate, fitness, and animals. Monique’s upbringing in Malibu has contributed to her exceptional surfing abilities and a naturally warm and approachable personality. Conversely, Lori’s cosmopolitan background across Toronto, London, and Washington D.C. has endowed her with a diverse skill set and an unwavering commitment to efficiency. Lori remains dedicated to her fitness routine, regularly attending the gym, and engaging in activities such as running and swimming.

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