Discovering Kiddleton, where Claw Machines and beloved anime characters join for captivating prizes!

DALLAS, TX, August 10, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Claw, Grab and Collect Cute Prizes! Kiddleton Inc, a prominent name in the claw machine business, proudly unveils its latest innovation – the captivating “Neko Modoki”. This delightful addition to the claw machine experience promises a new level of excitement for players, featuring an array of mini cute plush toys that are sure to melt hearts.

“Neko Modoki” collection boasts an irresistible charm, offering players a chance to win these endearing “kawaii” mascots through Kiddleton’s claw machines. With a focus on providing unique and exclusive prizes, Neko Modoki stands as a testament to Kiddleton’s dedication to enhancing the claw machine experience.

Key features of the Neko Modoki collection include:
Mini Mascot Plush: The Neko Modoki plush toys are designed to capture the essence of cuteness in a compact form, making them the perfect companions from children to collectors and everyone between.
Exclusivity: Available exclusively at Kiddleton locations, the Neko Modoki collection underscores the brand’s commitment to delivering one-of-a-kind prizes that can’t be found anywhere else!
Variety: With four distinct types of cute plush toys to choose from, players can enjoy a diverse range of Neko Modoki characters, each with its own unique charm and personality.

To embark on the journey of winning these adorable mascots, claw machine enthusiasts are encouraged to visit their nearest Kiddleton locations. Discover the magic of Neko Modoki and experience the joy of collecting these charming plush companions.

Experience smiles and excitement today by visiting the nearest Kiddleton location and indulging in a plush toy today!

Visit two spacious and exciting play spots:
Little Tokyo: 335 2nd st, Ste 115, Los Angeles, CA 920012
Japan Village: 934 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11232
or more locations, please email at [email protected] or visit

About Kiddleton:
Kiddleton, Inc is a Japanese arcade company seeking to help business owners in all sectors by implementing our original Japanese gaming machines in stores nationwide. Our claw machines and prizes are authentically sourced from Japan/Japanese HQ and can brighten up any unused space.

Kiddleton was jointly established in 2019 by Japanese top entertainment companies GENDA and Round One. GENDA has +250 amusement stores in Japan,and Round One has 100 stores in Japan and 50 in the U.S. Using their expertise, we create a space where children have fun, but also a place where adults can recall their childhood memories and enjoy themselves. In about 4 years since the establishment, we have been growing fast, and now we have an arcade games indoor playground in Fort Worth, a Games & Bowling & Foods & Bar complex in Chicago, and 110 small-scale amusement facilities with claw machines.

For more information:
Kiddleton has expanded the claw machine business with supermarkets, shopping malls, restaurants, game shops.

Are you intrigued by “hands-off business” that comes with added revenue potential?

Office Address: 15455 DALLAS PKWY, SUITE 600, ADDISON, TX 75001

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