A Hi-Seoul Company is a promising small and medium-sized business in Seoul that has been certified since 2004 by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Business Agency.

LOS ANGELES, CA, January 13, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Three Hi-Seoul companies participated in K-STARTUP Joint Pavilion in Eureka Park, the startup zone of ‘CES 2023’, held in Las Vegas, USA for a total of 4 days from January 5th(Thu) to 8th(Sun, local time).

A Hi-Seoul Company is a promising small and medium-sized business in Seoul that has been certified since 2004 by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Business Agency. As of 2022, 1,059 companies have been certified as such, and they are selected through an expert review process every year for growth potential, technological prowess, and overseas expansion capabilities. In addition, these companies are evaluated as leading the economy of Seoul based on theirachievements, such as being listed on the KOSDAQ, winning government projects, and increasing sales.

In fact, they have an average sales amount of 13.6 billion KRW and an average number of employees of 51.3, which is 2.5 times higher than the average sales and number of employees of venture companies. More than half of Hi-Seoul companies are exporting companies, and the average operation period is 17 years. As of October last year, 41 Hi-Seoul companies succeeded in beinglisted on the KOSDAQ.Information and communication (IT) companies accounted for the largest portion with 23.8%, followed by business service companies with 22.5%.

In this CES, Nuvilab (AI food scan solution), Xinapse(AI virtual voice service), AIZEN Global (AI financial solution) participated in the K-Startup Joint Pavilion in Eureka Park.

Nuvilab (CEO Dae-hoon Kim) is a startup that develops artificial intelligence (AI) food scanning solutions, and will unveil a healthcare concept based on eating habits data at CES 2023. Nuvilab displayed its digital healthcare concepts at its booth in this year’s CES, such as •Infant growth management solution •Eating habit management solutions for patients with chronic diseases •Mobile food diary •Food scan API will be exhibited for the first time, focusing on the core solution, ‘AI food scanner’.

Nuvilab has been attracting attention worldwide by developing a solution that innovates the group catering environment with technology that can identify the type and amount of food with just one scan. So far, more than 70 companies and institutions have utilized the solution and are known to have reduced food waste by more than 15 million kg. In October 2022, they attracted 10 billion KRW Series A investment from Smilegate Investment and others.

In addition, a successful case of the Zero Waste campaign conducted by SK Telecom and Nuvilab to achieve Net Zero will be exhibited. SKT is known to have achieved carbon reduction effects by implementing a campaign to reduce food waste for six months by introducing the Nuvilab solution to their cafeterias to practice ESG in daily life.

Xinapse(CEO Dong-won Joo), a generative AI startup based on AI voice technology, has flexible scalability as it has various AI voice variation technologies. The company explained that they are leading the commercialization of high-quality AI voice for corporate services in various fields such as metaverse, audiobook, TV advertisement, news, and navigation with AI voice variation technology.

‘HyperReal Voice’ was introduced at the exhibition. It is a software for professionals who can easily and quickly create customized AI virtual voice content. Customers can easily create a natural AI voice that resembles a human by simply entering text and can adjust emotion, pitch, and speed with just a few clicks and drags. Content can be created by replicating a celebrity’s voice or synthesizing several people’s voices to create a unique voice for the customers. The voice of the deceased can also be reproduced.

An official from Xinapse said, “Even if you have an idea, there are many cases where you can’t focus on the content and make it in real life because you don’t have the capital. Therefore, we researched technologies that can create content at a lower cost and in less time so that more people can focus on ideas and content rather than capital.”

AIZEN Global (CEO Jung-seok Kang) contributes to the global transition to a low-carbon future and Greener Financing through the ‘Credit Connect’, AI Banking-as-a-Service platform. They are creating new financial opportunities in the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry by predicting the residual value of electric batteries, which were previously ‘immeasurable’, and transparently measuring related financial risks. With the goal of achieving green finance, they provide reliable and sustainable financial services in cooperation with domestic and foreign banks.

They participated in this CES to share challenges and opportunities for the assignment faced by the US in the process of converting to EV and to discover potential partners that can create a Global EV Ecosystem.

Credit Connect was introduced at the exhibition, which accurately and transparently predicts the residual value of batteries based on AI, which accounts for 40-50% of the cost in the BEV industry.Based on this, BEV loan product design, portfolio management, battery risk management (i.e. SoH) and RV risk monitoring are provided as services. A standardized risk management framework for BEV is expected to be presented through these services, which will help contribute to global Zero-emission policies and green finance in the future.

Three companies promoted their remarkable AI technology in each field and create global business through participation in CES 2023.

An official said, “Three Hi-Seoul companies participating in this CES have a high possibility of attracting global investment along with numerous interests from domestic and foreign investment institutions at the K-Startup Joint Hall. In addition, through various on-site programs such as promotional videos, live broadcasting, and investment pitching of participating companies, the latest trend technologies and products of companies will be displayed at all times. Hi-Seoul Company Team plans to support companies’ on-site operation and publicity from various angles.”

Meanwhile, ‘CES’, the world’s largest IT exhibition, is an exhibition where you can grasp the trend of the global home appliance industry at a glance. Hosted by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), it is held in Las Vegas, USA every January.

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