New Augmented Reality Content Depicting the First African-American to Play in the NBA Powered by Artificial Intelligence

MIAMI BEACH, FL, July 10, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — In conjunction with its partnership with Icon Sports (powered by Broker Brothers Transactions), Baller Mixed Reality has added exclusive rights to produce and sell AI-generated content from NBA pioneer and legend, Earl Lloyd. In 1950, Lloyd broke the color barrier to become the first African-American to play in the National Basketball Association, followed by a distinguished career.

Lloyd endured intense discrimination before helping the Syracuse Nationals win the NBA Championship in 1955. He then became the league’s first Black Assistant-Coach in 1965 and was inducted into the Naismith Hall-of-Fame in 2003. Entering the league six years before Bill Russell, Lloyd was often described as the “Jackie Robinson of basketball” passed away in 2015 at the age of 86.

Along with mixed reality collectibles autographed by Lloyd, Baller will produce unique Artificial Intelligence experiences allowing fans to digitally engage with Earl Lloyd to learn more about his life story and ground-breaking accomplishments. Depicted as an avatar that can be placed into real-world environments and viewed from 360 degrees in augmented reality, fans will have real-time conversations with Earl Lloyd and get answers to their questions hearing his voice and real story. Additionally, the authenticity and ownership of associated limited-edition assets will be verifiable on the blockchain, eliminating the potential of fraud or counterfeit.

About the partnership with Baller Mixed Reality, Lloyd’s son Kevin said… “The memorabilia that my father left behind are historical treasures that remind us of both the differences and similarities within the times we live. I’m excited to work with Jonathan Herman and the Baller team to digitally capture these items into Augmented Reality, where their quality can be maintained forever and fans around the world can enjoy them as limited edition NFTs.”

Look for this special content to become available to the public in the coming months.

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