Ready to Build Your Real Estate Portfolio and Generational Wealth?

COLUMBUS, OH, April 29, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Newbies may find real estate investing scary, but anyone can succeed with the correct advice, according to RJ Pepino, best-selling author of “Game, Set, Match.”

Pepino has extensive knowledge of the real estate market and has made profitable investments in a number of properties. He is currently sharing his wisdom and experience on real estate investing to anyone who is interested in getting started.

The fundamental concepts for new investors are covered in Pepino’s new course, including goal-setting, planning, and budgeting, as well as an introduction to the BRRRR real estate investing methodology. The goal of the course is to assist newcomers in overcoming their concerns and getting off to a successful start.

Pepino stated, “I recall how daunting real estate investing was when I first started. Yet anyone can succeed if they have the correct coaching. I made this course in order to share the lessons I learned the hard way!”

Pepino recounts his personal story in the course, detailing his early mistakes with real estate and how he eventually became an expert investor. He hopes that sharing his experience will encourage and inspire others to pursue their own real estate investing dreams.

Pepino stated, “I want to demonstrate to others that they too can succeed if I can. Investing in real estate has the potential to change a person’s life, and I want to help as many individuals as I can.”

A complimentary consultation with Pepino is included with course enrollment, during which he will address any concerns and offer specific advice. Real estate investing is a journey, and Pepino states, “Investing in real estate has the potential to change a person’s life.”

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Best-selling author and recognized authority on real estate investing, RJ Pepino. He has many years of real estate market knowledge and has made profitable investments in many different properties. Pepino is assisting new investors in real estate investing by imparting his knowledge and experience through his new course. To get a free copy of RJ’s best-selling book, visit

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