Iran nuclear dealNegotiators have reached a landmark deal to reign in Iran’s nuclear program after months of rigorous talks that spanned close to 20 months.

While reactions from the violent Middle East are just pouring in, the Republican Lawmakers have vowed to fight this deal tooth and nail. The agreement was a focal point of U.S. President Barack Obama’s foreign policy.

The final meeting of the representatives from the P5+1 nations took place in Vienna on Tuesday.

“Today after two years of negotiation the United States together with the international community has achieved something that decades of animosity has not: a comprehensive long-term deal with Iran that will prevent it from obtaining a nuclear weapon,” Obama said from the White House, with Vice President Joe Biden at his side.

Iranian President Rouhani also praised the deal saying that the prayers of the Iranian people have come true.

The fundamental idea behind the deal is that in exchange for limits on its nuclear activities, Iran would get relief from sanctions while being allowed to continue its atomic program for peaceful purposes.

Yukiya Amano, the chief of the International Atomic Energy Agency, said he had signed a “road map” with the Iranian government “for the clarification of past and present outstanding issues regarding Iran’s nuclear program.”

Israel President, Benjamin Netanyahu, while condemning the Nuclear deal said that this was a mistake of historic proportions and will ensure that Iran gets a cash bonanza of hundreds of billions of dollars.

India has hailed the Iran Nuclear Deal underlining the success of diplomacy and dialogue, which India has always supported.