Cam sites report 75% increase in sales and users, RecommendedCams steps in to demystify the market.

1st April 2021 — With intermittent lockdowns affecting every aspect of daily life; from how we buy household staples, to how we interact in our most intimate moments. Particularly notable to those who find themselves single, living separately, or balancing precariously in a non-existent dating scene.

While the novel coronavirus has caused the majority of citizens to spend more time at home, focusing on the entertainment that can be provided within the home, more so than any of the exogenous interpersonal interests that were once accustomed, many have begun searching for better outlets for socio-sexual gratification.

What was once easily accomplished through various means- dating apps, the bar scene, strip clubs or parties, even pornography- has now become a concern that is no longer so simply solved. Despite the influx and surge of social connection apps through video messaging or social media sites, for many there is still a hole that needs to be filled. Both in a discreet manner, and one that is financially viable, here is where cam sites take the protagonism.

Enter the Rise of Cam Sites Popularity

While sites like are nothing particularly new- nor are the cam sites that they review – RecommendedCams seems to have had the foresight and tech savvy necessary to quickly recognize a niche market that was in dire need of in-depth analysis. With renewed interest in webcam social apps, ones in which participants can chat and interact directly with the models of their choice, sites themselves began multiplying at a furious rate. In fact, the industry is looking to generate over a billion dollars this year alone, with expectations high regarding future revenue.

Which meant that someone needed to provide useful metrics for these sites serviceability, usability, and functionality. Particularly as cam sites are a very international industry: with only an estimated 15 – 35% of models based in the US. Despite the nation seeing a 25% growth in major cam site traffic over the last year. A surge that surpasses those reported in other countries.

Luckily, has more than filled this order. By providing comprehensive reviews on both the functional and more physical attributes that many of the most popular cam sites offer. Allowing users to make better informed choices when it comes to how, and where, to spend their free time and money. With major names in the business like OnlyFans reporting a 75%+ increase in new users, resulting in an estimated 150,000 users per 24 hour gain. And others supplying information that suggests that premium membership buys are up 11% with tip sales increasing by around 9%, tells us that more people are putting real money into the inter price. Which requires a platform to aid in these often-expensive choices.

So, while dating and meeting socio-sexual urges in these times of high uncertainty can indeed be ambiguous at best- and dubious at worst- steps in to provide detailed information and clarity where it is most needed. While the site directs their efforts to “cammers”-clients of the sites- as opposed to the models themselves, the surge in engagement requires reliable statistics and reviews. Of which has offered in earnest.


Jason Bradley
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