Early last year, St Kitts and Nevis launched a new investment option for applicants under its CBI Programme, called the Sustainable Growth Fund (SGF).

LONDON, ENGLAND, January 22, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — St Kitts and Nevis’ citizenship by investment (CBI) fund, the Sustainable Growth Fund (SGF), has brought huge fiscal power to the country’s sustainable growth policy. Under this policy, the St Kitts Sustainable Destination Council has reached the WTTC 2019 Finals.

Early last year, St Kitts and Nevis launched a new investment option for applicants under its CBI Programme. The SGF is the newest government fund option and was devised with the needs of applicants in mind. As a result, it offers a smoother, more efficient, and hassle-free application process. It has also been popular with applicants for its flexibility and community engagement, and the protection it affords to an applicant’s personal and business reputation.

The fund requires a single, one-time investment made directly to the government in return for second citizenship. As a result, no other financial intermediaries or contracts are needed, and processing time is fast. From submission of the application to receipt of approval, it is a maximum of three months. Many applicants receive approval even faster, for instance within eight to ten weeks, allowing them to sooner enjoy the benefits of St Kitts and Nevis citizenship. The applicant’s desire for speed is a key priority for the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU), which oversees and manages the Programme. Extensive national and international resources are employed, and decades of industry experience drawn upon, to turn this desire into reality. The SGF’s speed has been – and will continue to be – crucial in attracting enthusiasm from investors.

In addition to a fast service, applicants can benefit from the flexibility afforded under the fund. In order to apply for any option under the Programme, applications must be submitted through an authorised agent or service provider. Applicants are free to choose any authorised entity they wish, for which the information is readily provided on the CIU website. The fund also provides another option for applicants, and so extends the range of products available.

The opportunity for community engagement is an advantage unique to the SGF and one that provides great return for both applicants and local Kittitians and Nevisians. True to its name, under the SGF all funds invested go towards achieving sustainable economic growth across the nation. This has brought benefits to local industries, from construction, housing, and tourism, to education, travel, and security. Projects such as the Resurfacing of the Main Island Road and the new East Bus Line Terminal have made travel easier and more reliable for residents; the construction of a second pier at Port Zante and multiple hotels have created jobs; and approximately 170 housing units have been built for families left stranded by Storm Erika in 2015. Investments such as these not only benefit inhabitants, but enable investors to contribute to, and truly become a part of, their adoptive communities.

Selecting a CBI programme is an important decision, and applicants will seek to protect their personal and business reputations from harm. The integrity and industry expertise of a programme is therefore crucial. As the longest-standing Programme in the industry, St Kitts and Nevis’ Programme has garnered the respect and confidence of applicants worldwide. Borne from the Programme, the SGF is no exception. Consistently and reliably protecting applicants’ confidentiality, the SGF is a trusted investment option. Authorised agent CS Global Partners reports that clients frequently choose St Kitts and Nevis – and the SGF – because “St Kitts and Nevis sees the importance of international co-operation and respect. Under this Programme I and my family feel safe.”

The World Travel & Tourism Council Awards 2019
It is due to this policy of sustainable growth and development, as supported by the SGF, that St Kitts and Nevis has become one of 15 jurisdictions to be invited to the final rounds of the World Travel & Tourism Council 2019 Awards. The St Kitts Sustainable Destination Council is one of three organisations up for the prestigious Destination Stewardship Award, which is granted for work which helps a place “thrive for the benefit of its residents and tourists.” Since its inception, the Council has worked hard to achieve funding for local projects, build awareness around sustainability priorities, and collaborate with businesses and industries. Aided by funds from the SGF, the Council can continue its work, and achieve even greater national development for the benefit of citizens. On 2-4 April 2019t the WTTC Finals, St Kitts and Nevis can stand proud, lifted through its own efforts and the contributions of CBI applicants.

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