Expansion and results of easy and fun to participate ‘dementia prevention program’ – Participants of dementia prevention program in ‘Pangyo Senior Welfare Center’ reveal 95% satisfaction

GYEONGGI-DO, KOREA, December 27, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — ‘Care U’, a tenant of the Anyang Smart Contents Center, will conduct a presentation with the topic of ‘The Introduction and Results of Smart Equipment in Dementia Programs’ at the Senior dementia prevention project, ‘National Health Advanced School Results Presentation’, which will take place on the 21st.

Care U has conducted dementia prevention programs with senior citizens at the Dongduchon Senior Welfare Center, Hamji Senior Welfare Center, and the Pangyo Senior Welfare Center over 4 weeks from the past July 27th until September 3rd. The training content is as following. Smart Equipment Experience and Control Method – Self-Diagnosis of Dementia/ Depression/ Stress Using Smart Equipment – Smart Dementia Prevention Content ‘EnBrain’ Experience – Group Activity, Motivation and Confidence Building Program

The results of the post-training surveys showed that the seniors’ satisfaction with the brain training program and contents utilization using the smart device (tablet PC) was high. In particular, more than 95% of the participants of the Pangyo Senior Welfare Center expressed overall satisfaction with the contents and methods of education. In addition, participants showed positive responses in various categories. 87% expressed that they ‘Would Recommend to Friends’, and 90% expressed satisfaction when asked for ‘Instructor Satisfaction’.

One participant of the program said, “Using this equipment (Tablet PC) for the first time felt a little strange, but once I learned how to use it, it was easier than expected, and I felt like I wanted to keep using it as it was fun.”

Care U CEO Junyoung Shin said, “Our Company is a social company that seeks to improve the ‘quality of life’ of senior citizens,” and continued to say, “we are conduct services related to preventing dementia which 10% of senior citizens suffer from.” The main services that Care U operates are ‘EnBrain’ which helps improve the brain’s cognitive ability, ‘Mental Health Test’ which is related to depression/ stress/ dementia, and ‘SCCMS (Smart Community Care Management System) which is a report system related to Enbrain and the Mental Health Test.

When asked about plans for the upcoming year of 2019, CEO Shin replied, “Upcoming plans include a SK group new employee training special lecture with the topic of the main strategies/issues of ‘Care U’ the social company on this upcoming January 9th.” He went on to reveal his plans for the future, saying, “We plan to continue developing this program which improves the quality of life for and motivates our senior citizens through ICT based services”

Meanwhile, Care U plans to conduct a dementia safety village establishing business with the dementia center in Seodaemun-gu in 2019, and operate a dementia prevention class as part of the longevity program at the 4 main senior facilities in Gangnam-gu (Gangnam Senior Club, Gangnam Nonhyeon Senior Welfare Center, Gangnam Senior Welfare Center, Gangnam Social Welfare Center). In addition, they revealed that they will ‘expand the pilot projects’ with the Health Insurance Service, and conduct ‘cognitive training system establishment business’ with the Korea Association of Senior Welfare Centers. Also, Care U relayed that they would contribute to improving human resources by making a smart community care instructor training process for the increasing demand for education.

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