You must have heard this term, quite often these days by NGOs in their campaigns. And we quite like to hear this, and instantly, buy it. But, what does it take to be a hero? We know it’s not capes or fancy outfits, right, we also know, it’s about small acts of kindness towards others. By small, exactly how much smaller You would have heard of people asking you to donate Blood, well, definitely a very worthy deed, and you can instantly turn into a hero.

But other than this, other small acts, too, can make you a hero. Another smaller one could be just donating your items, not needed anymore, and these items can be a life savior for others like blankets, warm clothes, shoes etc, to the homeless ones. You can turn vegetarian, and make loads of difference in the ecosystem. As we know, raising animals for meat, and killings causes a huge strain on the constrained resources of our planet. And also, killing animals, for meat, or for other needs, fills the environment, with the vibrations of pain and suffering, and these affect the entire ecosystem. So why not switch to, being vegetarian, where we have countless varieties of foods to eat, even meaty taste can be managed by these humble produces.

And if you still need something that is easier to accomplish, well just pray for the well being of all. We can even pray for calamity struck areas. Your prayers might seem very tiny to you, to make a difference. But you will be surprised to know, these prayers can do more than any of the above things. you will be surprised to know, that all this has been a part of our culture, and traditions, meat consumption is never proclaimed by any religion.  Every religion is against pain and suffering.

Today also, all religious and spiritual organizations, state the same thing. Dera Sacha Sauda, for instance, asks for a pledge from its followers as one of the 3 pledges, to give up on non-vegetarian food. Baba Ram Rahim has gone to another level, by making his followers donate Blood, every 3 months, to live a healthy and life full of virtues. Even prayers for calamity-stricken areas are a common sight in the Dera Sacha Sauda Ashram.

They reach for the help of crisis-laden areas, like Bhuj earthquake, Nepal earthquake etc, with truckloads of help and a mobile hospital. etc. Baba Ram Rahim himself visits these sites, and the volunteers who are not able to reach these areas, pray for the well being of all, from the bottom of their hearts, that is, what is preached by the chief of Dera Sacha Sauda. So why not, take the good from our religions and Gurus and make our lives better for ourselves and for the Society, rather than following, irrational trends from the west, like an ice water challenge, bizarre customs that the people of the west, themselves are trying to get rid of. Yoga has been embraced already, all over the globe, on a huge scale. But we are busy, with our phones and devices. The Time is now, to be a Hero to yourself and to others around you.

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