BASEbelt is a cargo pocket storage solution to carry your daily essentials for Outdoors, Fitness, and Earth Adventures.

HONOLULU, HI, September 19, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Finally, a pack that is packed with purpose. This is not your standard running belt, nor the unforgettable staple from the 80’s, the fanny pack. The form-fitting BASEbelt will have all of your personals safe and secure while allowing you full range of motion and activity. These two main attributes of the BASEbelt make it a must-have for the upcoming holiday season!

BASE stands for Be Active, Search, & Explore. The term Be Active does not mean you have to be an athlete, it means you have to have an energetic purpose, adventure, or just go out for leisure. The BASEbelt serves a positive solution in providing storage for your everyday carry items whether at work life, casual life, or active life needs.

As a Hawaii based company, BASEbelt understands the importance of adventures and exploring has on a healthy lifestyle, social environment, and well-being. These are key elements in the Hawaiian word “Holoholo” and the BASEbelt truly delivers.

What are you waiting for? Make sure to get onboard for the exclusive early bird special for the BASEbelt before it’s too late! These make excellent gifts for anyone that appreciates the outdoors and an active lifestyle.

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For additional information about BASEbelt, please contact founder Paul Watkins at 808-366-6393 or at [email protected]

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