With the Nevada percentage of marijuana crashes at 21%, less than a percentage point from the percentage in the 3 recreational states of CO, WA, & OR, Nevada is poised to become the top state for marijuana fatal crashes.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, July 02, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — In the US in 2015, 3,142 persons were killed in marijuana fatal crashes, with 137 killed in Nevada in the last 3 years. In Medical marijuana states 1,025 were killed and 1,910 were killed in NO Legal marijuana states. The number killed in Mj crashes is more than 90% higher than the 1,619 fatalities of drivers who had used opiates and other narcotics.

12 other states already have a higher percentage of marijuana fatal drivers than the two fully implemented recreational marijuana state drivers in fatal crashes. The four “NO Legal Mj” states with a higher % are MO, NE, SC, & WY and the eight “Med Mj” states are DE, DC, HI, MA, NH, NY, RI, VT.

“No other drug in US history involved in killing so many people is still being prescribed and sold.” Says Al Crancer, Research Associate.

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Al Crancer, B.S. M.A., is a retired researcher having been the head of a research group that completed the first marijuana study in the US with government marijuana and approval. The research results were published in Science, 1969. Notable results from that study was the inability of marijuana subjects to monitor driving simulator speed. He continues to do research on the impact of marijuana in fatal crashes using data available from the US Dept. of Transportation, Fatality Analysis Reporting System Data System.

Phillip Drum, D. Pharm. is a research associate knowledgeable about marijuana laws and testing procedures. Further he is a significant other victim of a marijuana crash which killed his sister in Seattle WA.

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