– Fifteen companies and online Seoul Pavilion set up at Digital CES, held for the first time this year
– Participating companies to showcase at the webinar “CES 2021 Seoul Trailer” on Jan. 6-8

LOS ANGELES, CA, January 07, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ —

– Fifteen companies and online Seoul Pavilion set up at Digital CES, held for the first time this year
– Participating companies to showcase at the webinar “CES 2021 Seoul Trailer” on Jan. 6-8
– Technology trend forecast, corporate investment attraction, and talks with the Acting Seoul Mayor and speakers from overseas (Saeed Amidi, Founder of PNP, Gary Shapiro, President of CTA) at “LIVE CES Seoul” from Jan. 11 to 14
– Complete analysis of CES 2021 and performance announced at “Review CES Seoul” on Jan. 26

Seoul Digital Foundation Acting President and CIO of SMG, Weonmok announced to CES, the world’s largest home electronics exhibition and venue for technology competitions of innovative companies, that it will set up Seoul Pavilion for the second time following last year and introduce solutions from 15 companies based in Seoul.

CES (Consumer Electronic Show) is the world’s largest ICT expo, and Seoul Metropolitan Government first participated in CES in January 2020. It captured the attention of foreign industry and media, and wielded the global status of Smart Seoul to the world.

In January 2020, the Seoul Metropolitan Government created Seoul Pavilion in CES Eureka Park and supported the participation of 20 companies. As a result, companies garnered contract worth $16.29 million.

In this year’s CES, which is held entirely digitally due to COVID-19, Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to maximize the participation of global officials in the Seoul Pavilion through its own online business program, not just creating the CES online exhibition hall.

With 15 outstanding companies selected in the three fields of Smart Transportation/Environment, Smart Safety/Welfare, and Smart Economy/Living, along with Seoul’s own corporate solution introduction webinar “CES 2021 Seoul Trailer” (Jan. 6-8), talks with experts and global pitching program “LIVE CES Seoul” (Jan. 11-14), and “Review CES Seoul” (Jan. 26), Seoul Metropolitan Government encourages the officials in both Korea and overseas to participate.

Particularly, in Live CES Seoul, the core program of the CES 2021 Seoul Pavilion, Jeong Hyup Seo, Acting Mayor of Seoul will be in the talks with Saeed Amidi, Founder of Plug and Play and Gary Shapiro, President of CTA, the host of CES to talk about the vision of smart Seoul and the innovative startup ecosystem.

In addition to the talks, Choi Jae-hong, Professor of Gangneung-Wonju National University, Jeong Ji-hoon, Professor of Kyung Hee Cyber University, and Ji-Hyun Kim, Vice President of SK Management and Economic Research Institute will introduce the technology trends from the perspective of CES 2021.

Also, 15 companies participating in CES Seoul Pavilion will be given the opportunity to pitch in real-time to attract investment in front of Plug and Play Silicon Valley Headquarters and three global branch managers, paving the way to new sales channels.

Plug and Play is a Silicon Valley-based startup investment and promotion institution that has made initial investments in Google, PayPal, and Dropbox. The company has invested in 250 companies in 2019, and the average investment amount for three years is $30 million on average.

Solutions of 15 companies participating in the CES 2021 Seoul Pavilion can be checked out in advance at the webinar CES 2021 Seoul Trailer. The webinar will be unveiled on smartseoul.net on Jan. 6-8 on the subject of healthcare, AI, and eco.

The CES 2021 Seoul Pavilion can be found on the CES official online exhibition page digital.ces.tech, but Seoul Metropolitan Government is going to provide related information on smartseoul.net (http://www.smartseoul.net/) separately.

This is to prevent the citizen’s participation from being restricted as CES’s official online exhibition is a paid show.
“LIVE CES Seoul (Jan. 11-14) will be also available through Seoul Metropolitan Government’s official YouTube channel and the English YouTube channel “Seoul Government Official.”

Lee Won-mok, the CIO of Seoul Metropolitan Government (Acting President of Seoul Digital Foundation), said, “Everyone is unfamiliar with online CES which is being held for the first time due to global pandemic. But in this situation, Seoul will become the guiding light for startups so that they can utilize CES 2021 fully. This year’s CES Seoul Pavilion will be an opportunity to promote the vision of smart Seoul and outstanding companies in Seoul at home and abroad.”


[CES 2021 Seoul] Seoul’s Innovative Companies

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