Game of Thrones and Daily Events

Heavy is the Head that Wears the Crown . . . or Writes About It – Whether writing fiction our documenting your own life, the details need to be protected, guarded, and kept under lock and key. Sharing depends upon need and livelihood. Your livelihood, not someone else’s.

Recent headlines are scary:

“HBO hackers leak Game of Thrones stars’ phone numbers and addresses”

“Game of Thrones stars’ personal details leaked as HBO hackers demand ransom”

“The HBO Hackers Are Demanding $7.5 Million to Stop Leaking Game of Thrones”

There was a recent security breach as hackers broke into HBO’s system. The target was the popular cable series Game of Thrones. Hackers supposedly stole 1.5 terabytes of data which might include scripts for upcoming episodes and two related unreleased episodes.

Hackers are getting more proficient, braver, and feel ever more confident in their demands for huge sums as ransom.

It’s easy to sit in judgment and say, well they can afford it. The problem, however is that you might be next. The trickle-down theory of hacking programs reaches us all. We all have things we wish we hadn’t done or hadn’t said. Embarrassment is part of being human, or should be.

Imagine an innocent comment made about someone you only casually knew a few years back and then became friends with. Or things you did on a date you wouldn’t want your parents, your children, your fellow church members, or constituents to know about. We all have guilt and it’s mostly over nothing, but what if someone found out. Would you pay a few dollars not to have the information made public? More than a few? Everyone is a target.

The possibilities are there. On line diaries and journals help people make it through life.

It is so easy to keep your thoughts nice and tidy in Word. Save the date and you have a journal. You just need to save the data carefully. Don Gerard of Land Shark Shredding recommends, “As you update hard drives and thumb drives you need to completely destroy the old ones. Shedding is what works best. While you store everything on your computer, you need to keep up firewalls, and anti-virus and hacking software to protect yourself, your family, and your friends. The same thing goes for businesses as well. Corporate documents often contain comments that can be less than kind, but still need to be protected. Probably even more than private notes and letters.”

Always consider that some nice little mom and pop couple looking to augment their social security might get a hold of your comments on life and people. You could end up losing your fantasy and your throne to someone just down the street, or a continent away.

By Don Doman

Don Doman is a published author of self-help small business books, a digital marketer, an imagineer, and a community instigator.