Virtual production LED Walls

SHENZHEN, CHINA, April 14, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Virtual production technology is more and more popular,which is creating a more easy and dynamic scene to meet people’ need. Since covid-19 social distance,It is commonly used for film productions and XR stage events. xR is becoming a good option for film and broadcast.

How to start this new and creative XR stage technology? First it should take some time to look at a lot of knowledge to make right decision even if those group are interested in increasing in this business. In short, LED video wall in relation to virtual production.

Starting with some basic work, Doitvision provides a clear overview of virtual production.There are many application of virtual production,but with led wall to create XR stage more popular in recent years.

What is an XR stage?

XR stage is one of the applications of XR technology which is more specific in virtual production. It refers to a space and studio with complete set of workflow comprises LED screen, media server, camera tracking system, spatial positioning system and real-time rendering system to deliver an immersive, extended reality environment to accommodate live production.

Efficient working

One of the basic differences between virtual stage and green-screen technology is that the post-production workflow has become pre-production and even on-set workflow, thereby,greater diminishing time-consuming and costly post-production clean-up work. Although investing a virtual studio and virtual stage background is quite high. How ever, most of the work usually done in post-production or on location can now be in a virtual studio, enabling quickly and more efficient workflow.

Natural lighting

The lighting of the film is produced by the LED video wall itself on the XR stage, which is helpful for elements in the real world to converge into the virtual environments and no need spending time and budget to set up extra lighting system. And this help saving time and reducing cost.

Live LED video Wall In-Camera

The application of image output from real-time engines to a live event led screen in combination with camera tracking to produce HD imagery, completely in-camera, showing the state-of-the-art for virtual production. The benefits of live imagery projected behind the actors are large work. No exaggeration it’s also the highlights of all of the previous development work done in the sphere of virtual production.Using a real-time engine to create imagery for LED video wall projection is that unlike rear-projecting pre-rendered footage, the imagery change in perspective, creating perfectly synchronized parallax to the camera. As a result, the imagery is so real, it’s difficult to tell where the live-action ends, and the screen takes over.

Virtual production – Teamwork

Virtual production is a new technology. This requires a lot of knowledge and work experience team that covers the broad spectrum of LED technology, lighting, camera, media server, motion tracking, real-time visualizer, etc.

Why is Doitvision

Doitvision is a leading provider in the virtual production filed. Why? by combining 10 years’ manufacture experience, large testing, and customized different equipment used optimal results can be achieved. Doitvision is proud to give so many companies and individual technicians who are in this filed that making business more successful.

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