Founded in 2015, x2x eCommerce has become a market leader for its high-functionality eCommerce solutions that integrate with Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, and other online platforms.

Toronto, Canada – x2x eCommerce, a leading provider of eCommerce solutions and services, has been recognized for its commitment to online wholesale and retail companies. A pioneering of innovative technology solutions and platforms, x2x eCommerce’s ERP suites and Retail Management Hero eCommerce Integration is delivering powerful insight for businesses around the world seeking to access and leverage sales and order data, customer information, and inventory metrics.

x2x eCommerce automated technologies integrate eCommerce solutions and platforms to make business management, data tracking, and customer service easy. Embracing flexible, agile, and market-friendly approaches, the x2x eCommerce team has developed a twenty-first-century solution that integrates with major eCommerce platforms, including Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce, and funnels online transactions in a single financial solution.

“We are very happy that we have automated our processes using x2x eCommerce,” remarked Terri Lynn of Amos Pewter, an x2x eCommerce client. “It has resulted in significant time savings for us as there is not a need to invoice online orders received. With the integration into GP, we have eliminated the need for staff to enter orders as they now go directly into our system. Being in an essentially live environment makes for improved accuracy and labor savings,” Terri added.

In addition, x2x eCommerce continues to offer an eclectic product range, supporting Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC, and NetSuite. Supported by Accsoft Inc., each solution product is backed by 17 years of software development and design expertise, which proves valuable to customers of all sizes around the world.

“We have been empowering companies of all sizes, including major online wholesale and retail companies striving to integrate their digital presence and eCommerce sales funnels,” remarked Masood Mahmood, Co-Founder, and CTO of x2x eCommerce. “Recognizing no two clients are the same, we work with clients to develop a personalized approach and solution for their business and its needs. Our experienced team has the capability to customize eCommerce platforms and tools so customers can rely on features built with functionality and customizability in mind,” he added.

Found in 2015, x2x eCommerce has been helping businesses navigate the transition to online shopping and sales. As people around the world increasingly engage with their favorite businesses and retailers online, x2x eCommerce is proud to lead the way with its innovative technology solutions and platforms, including ERP suites and Retail Management Hero eCommerce Integration. These solutions have shown powerful potential during the coronavirus pandemic, which forces a record number of consumers online and forced businesses to adapt to the eCommerce world.

“The future of eCommerce is here, and it is here to stay,” added Masood Mahmood, Co-Founder, and CTO of x2x eCommerce. “We pioneer a market-leading solution for so many companies. As most brick and mortar stores move online, we are increasingly entrusted to provide the support they need in areas of managing sales and order data, customer information, and inventory metrics,” he added.

To learn more about these solutions and platforms, or x2x eCommerce generally, please visit x2xeCommerce. Custom plans and pricing are available. Customers are available to get their integrated platform running in as little as four weeks.

About x2x eCommerce

x2x eCommerce is a leading provider of eCommerce solutions and services. Its products integrate with top-of-the-line ERP and POS solutions to provide hassle-free management of any eCommerce business. Solutions are designed to be easier and quicker to implement than other alternatives on the market. To learn more, please visit x2xeCommerce.

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