Safe Insight announces their goal to provide free training to 1 million American homes during 2021.

LYNNWOOD, WA, February 17, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — During the chaotic events of 2020, gun sales skyrocketed. There were over 5 million firearm sales during the year. Along with the increase in sales, came an increase in safety mishaps.

Many of these incidents could have been prevented by simply following basic firearm safety guidelines, along with taking the time to understand how the firearm works. But many gun owners do not take training if it is not required.

Michael Cox, Training Coordinator for Safe Insight said, “Firearms are not inherently dangerous. It is when they are not treated with the proper caution and respect that problems arise.” He went on to identify the three main reasons people fail to take training:

1) The cost of training is too expensive.
2) Taking training can be inconvenient and even intimidating.
3) Consumers typically want a “quick start guide” rather than training.

To help overcome these obstacles to training, Safe Insight has begun partnering with gun stores, ranges, and other safety-minded organizations to provide FREE online training. Each training segment is broken down into short, easily digestible, videos and interactive skills that help teach and reinforce the safe handling and operation of firearms.

Safe Insight is committed to providing firearm safety training and education to all. They seek to constantly improve the training process to help everybody learn about firearm safety in a fun and interactive way. To accomplish this, they utilize the latest in online training software, coupled with their unique knowledge and first-hand experiences from a law enforcement perspective.

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