With many cities having dozens of rehab centers owing to the increased rate of drug and chemical substance dependence in America and other countries; Nashville is no exception, our search for a rehab centers have taken us to places like Florida, Baltimore, Colorado and many more. Our present focus is on rehab centers in nashville tn.


Mending heart is a dual diagnosis, alcohol, and drug addiction treatment center in Nashville tense.
Treatment type includes drug and alcohol detox program, use of buprenorphine in treatment, and opioid/methadone treatment.

This facility is privately owned and fully accredited under state agencies, state substance abuse agency, the state department of health, and state health mental department. Special addiction treatment program is organized for adult women, victims of trauma, individuals suffering from domestic abuse and person with impaired mental health. The mending heart offers programs in the following category which includes cocaine, opioids, and methamphetamines, counseling units are also organized for individual, groups, family, and couples.

The mending heart is inpatient oriented, with services ranging from long to short term.


The objectives of cumber land height are to turn the lives of people addicted to drugs and alcohol around. This foundation transforms lives and provides individuals with tools to put their lives back on track. Their services cover detox, sober living, methadone, counseling, and therapy.it has both inpatient and outpatient facility. With a length of the program last from 30-90 days. Inpatient facility adopts the 12-step model.


Asheville grants support to persons battling to overcome addiction through therapy counseling. This is a dual diagnosis facility which provides residential services along with the intensive outpatient program for young men and women.

Rehab centers aren’t meant to be boring, which is why Asheville provides a fun-filled environment by providing gyms, TV set, and ping pong table for individual comfort. Additional services include aftercare support, sober living programs, and holistic treatment.


New life foundation is a privately owned, nonprofit facility with just a single location, it is a drug rehab center with a special focus on heroin, cocaine and other chemical substances, this small facility is designed to effectively cater for the need of every individual under the care. Their staffs are highly -competent and prepared to hear you out. Their method of care is very effective in ensuring a long-lasting result.


Miracles Lake is a faith-based residential Christian training center for men suffering from chemical substance dependency. Their approach is biblical base, with the aims of creating spiritual Upliftment and to foster a good relationship with GOD.

This facility is divided into counseling and therapy unit, with therapy ranging from group to recreational therapy. Initial duration for recovery is 2 months but an extended stay is offered to men who will like to continue their spiritual journey and create a stronger bond with God.

They believe that a strong spiritual belief will translate to a strong moral life which serves as a barrier against addiction.


Solution retreat is a highly rated inpatient recovery center for people suffering from cases ranging from addiction, behavioral disorder, to mental disorder.

Solution retreat is a small but highly effective facility for putting an end to the journey of addiction. Programs such as short, long and detox residential services are available. The facility is operated on the back of support from agencies like state substance abuse agency, state mental health department, and the state department of health.

Their care programs are extended to people suffering from substance abuse, along with clients on opioid medication. Detox services are also available here.


Center stone is atop non-profit organization, with branches in many parts of the country. Their support program extends to communities like Florida, Illinois, Indiana Tennessee, and Kentucky.

This facility specializes in giving treatment to persons suffering from mental disorder, and substance abuse like drugs, heroin, cocaine, and marijuana. Their services extend to people with disabilities, by empowering them with life-sustaining skills which will enable them to make a living for themselves. Jobs and accommodation are sometimes offered to this set of people.

Center stone now offers primary care in collaboration with unity medical clinic; this program is offered at designated locations.