Leading Provider of Free Surrogacy Consultation is Expanding its Operations in the state of Georgia.

SAVANNAH, GA, May 21, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Surrogacy Is, the leading surrogacy consultants who match amazing moms with the right surrogacy agencies, is expanding its operations to the state of Georgia. After great success in providing their free services in California and helping surrogates find the best agency that fit their needs, the company decided that it is now time to extend their services to the East Coast and help as many surrogates in the state of Georgia, in addition to the Southern and Eastern regions of the US.

According to Sunshine Hanson, Founder and President of Surrogacy Is, “After speaking with hundreds of Moms who want to help others build a family, we have found that there are amazing Moms in Georgia who want to do the same, many of them, actually, they just do not know how and where to start.”

“Based on some of the less favorable stories we’ve heard from moms who matched independently or through inexperienced or less ethical agencies before working with us, there are unscrupulous people and fly-by-night surrogacy agencies out there that will push Moms into matches that aren’t right for them, and who won’t be there for them when they truly need it. Amazing moms who are only wanting to help someone build a family deserve to be protected. We want to make sure they are.” added Sunshine.

To make it easier for a Mom to become a surrogate in Georgia and avoid being taken advantage of, Surrogacy Is is implementing a simple 2-step process.

1. Moms take a short quiz to see if they are qualified to become a surrogate.
2. The company finds the best surrogacy agency that will match her values and provide the best compensation.

The survey is to pre-qualify moms and help them save time and effort from visiting a surrogacy agency only to find out that they do not qualify to become a surrogate in their program.

If a mom qualifies however, the team at Surrogacy Is will take care of creating a beautiful profile for her, sharing it with the top surrogacy agencies throughout the United States that we have vetted and trust, and negotiating the highest compensation on behalf of the aspiring surrogate at no cost to her.

“We found that the application is one of the most time consuming and grueling process that many moms give up on their dream of helping a couple start a family because they couldn’t stand the back and forth communication, multiple application forms to fill out, multiple offices to follow up with, and, if a potential surrogate gives up that means someone may not be blessed with a family after all and we don’t want that” says Sunshine.

The short 8-minute pre-qualifying quiz can be found on Surrogacy Is website.

Surrogacy Is is a group of experienced Gestational Carriers & Surrogate Advocates who matches Moms with the right surrogacy agency and provides an online community, support system, and FREE resources to help educate and empower surrogates in every stage of their journey!

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