Italian Actress Roberta Sparta and her Colombian husband, Director/Producer Jaime Andrés Salazar recently launched “Sparta Yoga”

LOS ANGELES, CA, May 03, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Italian Actress Roberta Sparta and her Colombian husband, Director/Producer Jaime Andrés Salazar recently launched “Sparta Yoga”. Sparta Yoga stated: “We are combining forces to bring something new to the Yoga universe. We want to make the practice available to everyone and that’s why we chose YouTube as our platform. What we sought out to create is an immersive yoga experience with unique sequences, visuals and music.”

More about Sparta Yoga:
Each video contains written notes that work as little nuggets of practice wisdom cued to a particular pose or transition. The flow sequences are original, created to warm- up and open each body part that is functional to a pose so that you can achieve it safely and efficiently. Our videos are divided by style, level, and class length. Levels are beginner, intermediate and advanced so that you can find the practice that best fits your needs.

Styles include:
• The “Tutorial Series” focuses on how to hack a single pose.
• The “Flow Series” brings you a complete practice and each flow is built around a specific intention such as strength, compassion, balance and many more.
• The”Morning Series” is a great way to start your day with; you will release over night tension, open the body and you will feel inspired and centered throughout the day.
• “The Chakra Series” takes you on an explorative journey of your energy centers so that you can deepen the connection to yourself.
• “The Meditation Series” targets different intentions so that you can pause from the everyday hustle, tune in to your emotions and steer your mind toward inner peace.

All of the videos vary in length; if you want a quick and efficient yoga workout you can choose from a variety of 10 minutes videos. If you have more time you can enjoy 20, 30, and 60 minute classes as well.

Team Sparta has been traveling across the USA to capture stunning natural scenarios; each class harnesses the essence of the location itself, to provide you with an organic experience. For a grounding and empowering practice, you are invited to the Forest, if you need to ignite your inner Fire follow them to the Desert and to channel your fluidity follow them to the Ocean. Sparta Yoga wants you to improve your connection to self, mind and body.

The classes will improve your strength, your flexibility, and your breath which is the key to connect to yourself, all while providing exotic visuals and sound. Each video has carefully crafted music, based on the musical notes of chakras and/or elements you are working on. The entire score is tuned at 432hz to promote grounding and connection to self. Some of the classes locations include California; Sequoia National Park, Lake Millerton, Mammoth Mountain, Bristlecone Pine forest, Nevada; Valley of Fire, Utah; St George, Mexico: Tulum, and Italy at Lake Como.

Sparta Yoga is produced by Solo Tree productions from Los Angeles, CA.

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