Through the power of song

WASHINGTON, OR, April 18, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Through the power of song Godology is bringing the world closer to the Lord by stating in their songs that no one is ever alone if they believe in the Lord. Each single that has been produced so far has its own message included. For example the single “Struggles”, the message that is included is that everyone in the world has their own struggles that they have to deal with everyday.

With all the hate going on in the world all that is needed to remain faithful and full of hope is with the word of the Lord which can be received by listening to the singles that are produced by Godology. Through the multitude of songs that have been released Godology has done nothing but bring people to the Lord, by telling how great his love is and what he has done for the people of the world. The devil will have no power over those who listen to the songs that are produced by Godology as the word of the Lord is powerful within the singles.

Godology is working on new stuff daily whether it is new singles or albums, they are always busy trying to get the word of the Lord to as many people as they can. Whether it is someone faithful or someone who is just coming into believing what the Lord has done for them, Godology is here to help with any issues those people may be facing in their day-to-day lives.

Godology is a new group all About God, Family Music which has influences that come from the word of The Lord God.

Godology is from Portland, OR, he is a hard worker, motivated, traverse the storm of life, testimony through Jesus. The music right now is hip-hop. Also is a singer/songwriter, but has also produced different styles of music for 15 years. Mostly hip-hop and a little dance music.

“I am not figuring out the direction that I would like to go with this Music Journey.”

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