Demonstrating a pattern of consistent growth, the Brentwood location of Fulin’s Asian Cuisine has recently added Vietnamese dining options to their menu: summer rolls and beef pho. Often called the “national dish of Vietnam,” pho is a rich noodle dish that has served as a traditional staple in Vietnam for over a hundred years. Fulin’s has brought this popular and delicious soup to their restaurant located at 782 Old Hickory Boulevard by the Target Shopping Center, where pho continues to satisfy with its hearty rice noodles, tender beef and rich flavor. Fulin’s has perfected their recipe for pho, which requires a great deal of time and no small degree of expertise from the chef to slowly cook the beef and season the dish.

To complement the pho, the fresh basil seasoned, shrimp filled summer rolls that also joined the menu will round out your meal for a unique Vietnamese dining experience in Brentwood. Fulin’s will of course also continue to offer their enticing selection of appetizers, soups, sushi, lunches and dinners originating from Japan, China and Thailand at all of their many locations. However, the Vietnamese items are currently available only at the flagship restaurant in Brentwood. The addition of new menu items is one of many ways that the Asian Cuisine has shown their dedication to serving customers the best options possible.

The first restaurant in the chain opened in 2004. Fulin’s Asian Cuisine’s primary founder, David Lin, was a teacher in China before he moved to America to pursue new opportunities. He started his career at the bottom of the ladder in the food industry as a dishwasher, but he quickly worked his way up to management before he and several financial partners began a restaurant corporation. Ever since its original location in Brentwood opened, Fulin’s has expanded with more restaurants in Tennessee and Alabama. Maintaining David Lin’s dedication to constant development and success, the restaurant continues to give diners new menu options, great service and quality food. More than that, Fulin’s Asian Cuisine has combined their traditional Asian cooking with the convenience of modern restaurant service: in addition to their in-house dining, Fulin’s also hosts groups for meetings and events, offers catering for functions and parties both large and small, and even has an option to order Chinese or Japanese take-out from their website.

To place a to-go order over the phone, call them at 615-377-9788. To learn more about the restaurant, view their full menu or place an order, visit them online at, or simply stop in during business hours to enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner! Fulin’s Asian Cuisine in Brentwood is open 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and from 11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

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Megan Kiner

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