the leading International Russian and Ukrainian dating site for Western men searching for FSU women Make it impossible for scammers to operate within the site.

ST. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA, July 30, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — the leading International Russian and Ukrainian dating site for Western men searching for FSU women is pleased to announce the great success “CupidGuard” Technology that has recently been updated

The “CupidGuard” feature was added to the site over 12 months ago and has proved to be a major step towards becoming the only Russian dating site on the net totally free of scammers. With a huge number of our lady members opting to confirm their profiles along with “CupidGuard” and the online monitoring service operated by the company has become one of the very few Russian and Ukrainian dating sites operating on the net today. can proudly say to all its members “you really are in safe hands with us” we really do operate the strictest scammer protection for all of our members. Scammers will find it increasingly difficult to register on the site, even the few that get past security will be picked up within 72 hours by our world class software that uses some of the following :

1. Automated Key word analysis and flagging to check for key words often used by scammers.
2. Text Pattern analysis in text communication that detects “Scammer grammar”
3. Image recognition allowing us to immediately remove scammers upon uploading images. Our software beats Google image search in identifying scammer images.
4. IP check and cross check for all profiles.
5. Bio analysis to recognised typical grammar, key words used in scammers bio’s.
6. Scammer contact/email analysis.
7. Occupation analysis with IP Cross check 8. Registration via VPN’s Check9. Scammer IP and mail blocking

“We want all of our members to have the best online dating experience possible, by doing this for our members the site has built up a huge returning members database. Member retention is one of the most important goals in our business strategy. Customer satisfaction is our only priority,” say’s Stefan Hendrick, CEO of RedSquareCupid. “Within the coming months will be THE only genuine Russian/Ukrainian dating site on the net with total scammer control we plan to be a Industry leader,” Concludes Hendrick. is one of the only Russian and Ukrainian dating sites on the net to use online monitors, many fake and scammer profiles are deleted before they even have chance to upload photos, the site also has several flagging systems to pick up dishonest individuals before they can become active within the site. In an industry that is plagued with dishonest individuals and Russian dating sites will set itself apart from the negative side of the Russian dating Industry. If you are looking for one of the few legitimate Russian dating sites or one of the very few legitimate Ukrainian dating sites you can be assured you are in safe hands on

“We understand totally the fear many men face when signing up to a Russian dating site, the fear of being scammed, our aim is to let it be known everyone is safe on,” say’s Irina Enii Customer support manager for the RedSquareCupid network. Whoever you are looking for be it Moldovan brides, Belarusian brides, kazakh brides or in fact any singles from eastern Europe you can be sure to have a scam free dating experience with us.

If you really do want a safe online Russian dating site is in a class of its own. is operated by RedSquareCupid, a company specialising in the development of database-driven dating sites. RedSquareCupid was founded in 2009 and is based in the beautiful city of St Petersburg, in the Russian Federation. A leading technology company in the online personals market, RedSquareCupid was founded on the conviction that the Internet can, and does, transform lives. We are passionately committed to providing hope, inspiration and success to singles of all ages and backgrounds. To learn more about and how CupidGuard makes international dating safer and more successful please visit

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