ORLANDO, FL, June 03, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Labor Force has teamed up with Quick Silver, who has just celebrated their second (2nd) anniversary of being a major distributor of genuine .999 minted silver coins. Quick Silver has proven a successful track record in fulfilling supply and demand of pure silver to the general public, while allowing anyone to network with them for personal growth and knowledge of the silver industry.

Silver has been a world-renowned, precious metal for thousands of years and has been utilized for its unique properties, along with its accepted value for transacting with, for international trade purposes. The solid value of silver still sustains due to the many things that have been created with silver over the generations thus continuing its grand worth.

Today, Quick Silver is offering a free, 1 oz bar of silver (per household) to anyone willing to simply receive the information and education about silver that the company offers. The company specializes in real insight into the silver industry and has built upon teams of dedicated individuals, who have already networked with them for higher education about silver collectibles in general.

The free 1 oz piece of silver being given away by Quick Silver, is for total awareness of the value of precious metals, like silver. Therefore, Labor Force encourages people to gain further education on silver as a precious metal and truly realize why so many are joining Quick Silver for personal growth and an opportunity to learn more.

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Labor Force is an ideal of the traditional labor aspects concerning a history of manual work performed by the average person, to build something eventually great. Expanding on generations of building with initially two hands, the transition of labor has lead to labor not only performed by the physical body, but realistically of the mind. As humanity pushes forward, the honest labor conducted by woman and man will shape an ever-creative society with wonders abound. Labor Force began back in 2020 prior to the global changes that affected millions of people. The idealists who operate the ideal, plan to stay diligent in promoting honest labor for well-earned compensation, while helping to build a brighter Earth for future progeny.

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