With exceptional features and multi-chain functionalities, DStage NFT marketplace facilitates the staging of NFTs with ease and at a low cost.

SINGAPORE, March 01, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — DStage team is happy to share the upcoming launch of its first of its kind Ethereum and Solana multi-chain NFT marketplace (or Stage as they call it) equipped with best in-class features to bring top-notch NFT marketplace performance for the community.

The goal of the Stage is to disrupt the existing marketplaces across the following areas; multi-chain compatibility, low commission, rewards, decentralization and community ownership among others.

At launch, Stage will be packed with astonishing features such as lazy minting, instant royalty payments, customizable smart contracts, freedom in setting royalties and timed auction together with other common features of such minting, listing and trading of NFTs. One of the key highlights of Stage is its lazy minting feature that supports not only the Ethereum network but also the Solana network in facilitating the listings of NFTs without incurring any gas fees. “Gas fee will only be triggered when the NFT is sold. This eliminates the need to pay gas fee multiple times,” said its founder. Stage’s gas fee is also significantly lower compared to other similar marketplaces due to the way DStage has optimized its smart contracts.

DStage has given the freedom to the NFT creators in setting their own royalty, which will be paid instantly when the NFTs are sold. Further, the timed auction feature would help the collectors to know the value and demand for the NFTs, which also creates an urge effect by tempting collectors to bid and eventually own the NFT in a short period of time. Stage would also facilitate the minting of NFTs using customizable smart contracts, which allows creators to mint any form of NFTs directly on DStage.

The team behind DStage has developed the marketplace in order to bring the NFT community together and to provide a decentralized future for the community to control the direction and at the same time enjoy the shared success of DStage. We encourage you to follow DStage’s Twitter @DstageNFT for more updates on its upcoming launch.

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