Eric Blue’s focus remains on being a top FinTech company.

AUSTIN, TX, February 25, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Eric Blue decided to launch Nevly officially in January 2021. Two years after the launch, Blue’s focus remains on being a top FinTech company leveraging technology to provide financial health services to underserved consumers. The strides that Nevly has made continues to show that the company is on the right path to driving real tangible value for consumers who need it the most.

Eric Blue’s idea for Nevly began in his childhood as he watched so many friends and loved ones struggle helplessly with basic tasks related to how they handled their money. Financial literacy has never been a strong focus in the United States, and it’s resulted in an outsized segment of the population that are considered financially unhealthy. Nevly’s mission is focused on leveraging technology to deliver pragmatic tech enabled solutions to improve their financial health.

Through its mobile application, new account owners will be able to have Arlo – Nevly’s AI powered financial health assistant – provide them with a comprehensive financial health assessment utilizing the customer’s historic data and also chart a personalized path for the consumer to strengthen their overall financial health. Additionally, mobile app users will be able to leverage Arlo’s ancillary services like debit and credit builder cards, money transfer services and a range of insurance and credit. Having access to all these tools on a smartphone makes the journey towards stronger financial health as easy as ordering a cup of coffee from a smartphone.

Arlo is a major differentiator for Nevly when compared to other competitors. Arlo is the first of its kind and Blue is focused on positioning Arlo as the most widely used financial health product globally.

In addition to the depth of products and tools contained in both the Nevly Money product and the mobile application, Nevly’s commitment to member and community growth is hardwired into the company’s business model. Programs like its nonprofit initiatives and unemployment support programs are just two examples of how Nevly is positioned to partner with its users and their communities over the long haul.

Eric Blue’s team at Nevly believes that advances in open technology and AI create tangible opportunities to deliver tangible solutions to consumers who need it most. Instead of building a company whose growth and value was predicated on profiting from the exploitation of people, Nevly’s business model is aligned with the wellbeing of its consumers. It is truly a business model where it gets stronger and creates more barriers to entry the stronger its community of members get.

In Eric Blue’s opinion, a real competitive advantage for the business comes down to its products being able to deliver personalized insights and guidance to consumers on how to make real tangible change. Keeping Nevly positioned as a company capable of providing end-to-end comprehensive financial health guidance is a real focus of Eric Blue and his team.

Whenever there’s a question or concern, there’s a wealth of resources on the website. There are also ways to talk to a professional working with Nevly to get through any potential situation that might pop up.

To look at how Nevly has grown over the last two years, visit their website at For consumers who might need time sensitive credit repair, please visit Nevly Money at and for those interested in Arlo and the company’s mobile application join the waitlist at to get started.

Billed as a financial health focused fintech, Nevly is focused on leveraging technology to deliver products to consumers capable of delivering personalized insights and guidance to financially underserved consumers.

More importantly than delivering powerful technological solutions to consumers, Nevly also aims to eliminate the intimidation and judgment factors that all too often interfere with so many people trying to get their money right.

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