In partnership with Brand Apiary & Hollywood Swag Bag

VANCOUVER, BC, February 09, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Vancouver agency Brand Apiary in collaboration with Hollywood Swag Bag has co-curated a gift bag that’s destined for the Top 25 Oscar Nominees for the 2020 Academy Awards. Leveraging their industry relationships, the agency is delighted to be in partnership once again with many leading brands who are on the cutting edge.

“Hollywood Swag Bag is very selective with our brand participation and found the brands were a perfect fit!” says Lisa Bianchi, Founder of Hollywood Swag Bag.

This year’s focus was on women founded brands who aren’t afraid to step out and make waves. “Trix Magazine takes it to the next level with engaging, real life stories that are inspiring, motivational and authentic. Not to mention the look of the magazine itself is similar to a coffee table book, it’s super chic. We’re delighted to see what the top 25 Oscar Awards nominees think when they see it in the gift bag!” says Grace Lanuza, Chief Hive Officer, Brand Apiary.

Co-Founded by Jessica Weiss, Carly Schwartz, and Angela Altus, Trix Magazine is both bold and inspirational to women globally. “Trix magazine combines the refined design of a glossy magazine with editorial that speaks to the intellectual curiosity, agency, and grit of women all over the world. Unlike other women’s magazines, which emphasize beauty, fashion, and self-help guides, Trix meets women where they’re at. Our stories are anti-perfectionist and pro-grit, elevating female voices, and celebrating strong role models all over the world who define success on their own terms.” – Jessica Weiss, Publisher, Trix Magazine

Brand Apiary is a full service agency with expertise and focus on brand strategy, consumer behaviour, influencer marketing and industry experiential events. They have a wide variety of client mix in various industries such as food and beverage, bath and body, Provincial and Federal governments, private aviation, luxury goods and cannabis. Headquartered in Vancouver BC Canada where it was founded by Chief Hive Officer, Grace Lanuza, they have a global presence and offices in Las Vegas NV, Los Angeles CA, and London UK.

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