“Papi Chulo” is the first in a series of releases from his new EP of the same name

LOS ANGELES, CA, September 01, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — As HEYITSLUKA’s new single “Papi Chulo” opens, listeners will have no choice but to sit up and listen, since the hip hop artist makes it clear that he’s the one in charge. HEYITSLUKA’s confident, authoritative lyrics announce that he lives for his art, and he won’t let anything stand in his way. “Papi Chulo” is currently available on all major music platforms.

Georgian-American HEYITSLUKA is more than just a talented vocalist and performer. He’s the songwriter behind the gripping lyrics, as well as producing, recording, mixing and mastering all the tracks on the EP. His production skills are instinct. As a child, anytime he got his hands on recording equipment (one time he used a broken headset mic), he would lay down tracks. At age 16, he was able to focus on his music full time and develop his signature style.

“Papi Chulo is a state of mind, you can call it self-belief, manifestation, empowerment, positive energy..its a lot more than just the summer vibe everyone is experiencing sonically! I truly believe what makes this record what it is, is the positive forces behind it. You can’t not be your BIGGEST fan and expect to have fans..support is love; if you don’t love yourself how could anyone else. Every person trying to do big sh*t in their lifetime has to remember that “Comfort zone” is just a pretty alias of serious failure. Make people feel good, be the one they look for to feel better. Do that, then get out there and take as many swings as it takes to hit that home run, even if it takes decades! (Pineapple is f*ckin great by the way *haha*),” says HEYITSLUKA about his work and the ethos that fuels him to create.

“Papi Chulo” is sure to make listeners into fans, and fans won’t be sated with just one track. HEYITSLUKA doesn’t disappoint and has a release planned every two weeks until the release of the EP. HEYITSLUKA has already released “I’m Not Involved”, a motivational track urging listeners to reach for higher goals, along with two other tracks from the EP titled “Focus” and “Daddy AF”. Another single will be available later in September.

Currently, HEYITSLUKA is in the midst of preparing for a tour to promote the “Papi Chulo” EP. HEYITSLUKA believes that as you grow and succeed, you give back to the world. 10% of all his tour profits will go to the America Red Cross to aid recovery from Hurricane Harvey. He hopes to announce tour dates next month. For information on new releases and upcoming tour dates, follow HEYITSLUKA on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or go to heyitsluka.com.


Luka Kartozia (born January 13, 1995), better known by his stage name HEYITSLUKA, is a hip hop singer/songwriter/producer based in Annapolis, Maryland. HEYITSLUKA’s parents emigrated from Georgia to raise him and his three brothers in the US. The emerging young artist was partly influenced by his culturally diverse upbringing in Philadelphia and developed a unique musical and lyrical style which contributes to his distinct sound. Fueled by positivity and pineapple, one of his favorite foods, HEYITSLUKA’s highly energetic stage presence has been a perfect complement to the triple-threat artist, songwriter, and producer who also records, mixes, and masters his own music. Over the years, HEYITSLUKA has developed his musical foundation to reach fans by illustrating the human condition through innovative, energetic musical recordings and performances.

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