A NW Portland Letter Carrier and Award-Winning Screenwriter has just released his novel adaptation of what may be his cities greatest part of covered-up history.

PORTLAND, OR, September 17, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Author Daniel Spyker takes you back in time to an envisioned world of the late 1880s where the criminal underbosses control the streets of Portland and the average citizen had no chance for survival.

Beneath The City Of Roses is a tragic and gritty tale about a woman who gets caught up in Portland’s underworld. Working as a “lure” she helps Shanghai and sells unsuspecting men and women for profits only to fall victim to the city as well.

Follow her life and the climax in Portland that has everything from trap doors built into saloons, brutal henchmen on every corner to deadly shards of glass spread throughout the maze of winding tunnels to make any attempt at escape impossible. This story will at times make you cringe and laugh but most importantly pique your interest and force you to really seek out what still may lie Beneath The City of Roses.

Head to beneaththecityofroses.com for a preview of the book or download the award-winning script there for free.

Daniel W Spyker loved writing in school but never took it too seriously. For his first experiment with writing as an adult, it came in the form of a screenplay. On a whim and extremely rough, he entered it into a local competition in which he wrote about his hometown of Portland, Oregon. For his efforts, he received a Platinum Award in Oregon’s 2011 Film Festival Awards.

Now he has finished his adaptation and wishes to share it with the world.

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