New Author Jaheyla P. Jones Pokes Fun at Dating by Stating the Obvious

LOS ANGELES, CA, February 14, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Let’s face it. Most people have all stayed in relationships they shouldn’t have or held on to the unrealistic idea of one, and the current crazy online dating landscape does not make things easier for single people. Why complicate the obvious? New author Jaheyla P. Jones states exactly this in her new book Get Over Him Bitch, poking fun at relationships based on her own personal experiences and believes that there is a point in any women’s life where they need to take a good long hard look in the mirror and say, “Get Over Him Bitch!” Get Over Him Bitch will officially be released this Valentine’s Day (available for presale today) and is without question the perfect gift for anyone’s girlfriend, sister, or mom needing a fun reality check when it comes to getting over a significant other who really is not that special.

“I wrote this book to share my relationship experiences with all of the single women out there. When you set boundaries, you can be seen as abrasive and people are quick to say well that’s why you’re single you’re a Bitch,” said Jaheyla P. Jones, author, actress and Director. “I decided to poke fun at that, as I always have when people think these words have power over how I view myself.”

Get Over Him Bitch is not a typical dating advice book one would normally find on a bookstore shelf or in a self-help section. The book is filled with artistically designed dog illustrations playing on the word “bitch” filled with fun anecdotes everyone can relate to including a letter of self-acceptance. The author believes that people should behave naturally, raw, and honestly especially with their partners and that no one should be putting up a front to deal with the person who is literally the closest to them. Jaheyla P. Jones message is simple to her readers and that is to be yourself “Bitch,” because someone out there will love you for just being you. At the very least, Get Over Him Bitch is guaranteed to deliver a smile to anyone getting out of or getting over a bad relationship although most likely not a great photo book for your grandmother’s coffee table.

“It’s nice to know that not only my dating life is a steaming pile of Sh*t,” said Stacy Simmons. “These dating sites have been driving me crazy, the number of red flags and low effort losers I’ve come across has left me depressed. It was nice to laugh and know im not alone.”

About Jaheyla P. Jones

Jaheyla P. Jones is an actress, writer, author and Director residing in Los Angeles, California. Her credits include Balisong Bae, A Millennial Sketch Show, and is the Founder of Blaqq Productions with a mission focused on art and storytelling. As a new author, her first book, Get Over Him Bitch to be released this Valentine’s Day is already receiving rave reviews and national media attention. For more information, to purchase the book or to book a speaking engagement or appearance please visit:

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