When it comes to pushing the limit, Tate Chasers does just that. The Video for Tate’s new single “You Don’t Even Know My Name” has been officially banned from CMT, according to CMT executive, Kim Trails, Tate Chasers and his management team, Dallas Country Records, refused to make changes to the sexual scenes in the video.

Tate said “if we all censored ourselves, reproduction of the human race would end” also adding, “I don’t need CMT to sell tickets and they apparently don’t need hits”, he is currently on his tour, The Road Sex Tour. Trails also said “His behavior is unacceptable to CMT and it’s viewers”.

Tate said he hasn’t watched CMT since they quit airing Nascar, so now he’s like Nascar. In other Tate Chasers news, Nashville Police said Tate is no longer a suspect in the Bourden Mystery but is still a person of interest in the case, no further details were given.