Animation International Turkey, announced the launch of their new mobile game, available for android and iOS.

ISTANBUL, TURKEY, March 15, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — With their new game “Draw The Tales”, Animation International invites you to the World of Fairy Tales.

Draw The Tales features:
• Drawing the missing part by using your finger as a pencil.
• Ability to use hints when you need.
• Offers a different adventure in every level.
• Igniting your creativity.
• Free to play.

About Animation International Turkey:
Animation International Limited (AIL) got started in Japan and has expanded its business to 13 countries over the years to become one of the leading licensing companies in the media sector. Continuing to further its global vision to hundreds of people under the leadership of its founder, Hiroshi Kondo, AIL has worked in collaboration with reputable companies such as Turner, Viacom, 7Eleven, Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Tesco, McDonald’s, and KFC.

Operating in all aspects of media, from publishing to licensing and merchandising to production, AI-Turkey has become a strong YouTube project producer and distributor (content creator and network).

As the youngest member of this big family, AI-Turkey is excited to represent the innovative aspect of the sector. Having invested in many digital fields, AI-Turkey strengthens the connection with the European and American markets as the westernmost end of the group.

Kondosan is a multi-language channel that produce fairy tale animations in over 10 different languages. Kondosan is owned and operated by Animation International Turkey.

Animation International Turkey will continue to release mobile games which are related to Youtube channel Kondosan.
By combining centuries long fairy tales with today’s world of mobile games, Animation International Turkey is stepping into uncharted waters.

You can download Draw The Tales from the links below:


Kondosan YouTube Channel:

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