Ultimate Banners have upgraded their roller banners range to include gripper rails to fasten to banners. The company no longer use adhesive to glue banners to the upright stand. This production technique pro longs the product life.

BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND, January 28, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Ultimate Banners have started to upgrade customer orders – free of charge. The company sells all roller banners with fastened, not glued, gripper rails. A gripper rail holds the top of the pull up banner upright when attached to the pole.

After banners are printed the top of the banner advert has a metal strip mechanically fastened to the banner without adhesive. When pulled up this gripper rail fits on top of a pole running behind the banner. Quality testing shows this type of banner fixing is less likely to break compared to the standard practise of using an adhesive to secure the gripper rail to the banner avert.

Every system in the Ultimate Banners range, starting from Grasshopper banner stands and ranging to Barracuda banner stands have this complementary feature upgrade.

“Fastening graphic banners to a gripper rail without adhesive is better for display stand longevity. Customers advertising in the summer or in hot environments will not be subject to stand fatigue, which can cause the banner to collapse. Our production method also pro longs the product life.” – Ben, Marketing Manager at Ultimate Banners dot co.

This is one of the latest updates that Ultimate Banners have launched to enhance their product quality and improve their customer experience. Earlier company updates include: artwork tips for new designers and a dedicated artwork delivery system.

Ultimate Banners is the B2B and B2C roller banners printer based in Birmingham. The company has been printing exhibition signage since 2008. You can follow them on twitter search #ultimatebanners.

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