If your AC is already starting to groan under the Spring temperature increase, a few precautionary steps can save you a few sweaty days without AC.

EL PASO, TX, April 08, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — The winters in El Paso get just cold enough that most families switch from the AC to the heater during the colder months of the year. These are just a few months where your air conditioner is sitting dormant while your heater keeps the family comfortable during the cold snaps. However, as soon as the first heat wave comes blasting through the winter clouds, you’ll be switching that AC right back on. The question Juan from SoBellas asks is, “will your AC unit be up for the challenge?”

According to Juan, “Many people find themselves calling for air conditioning repairs in El Paso during the first heat wave of the year.” After all, this is when a sudden increased stress is added to old AC units that have sat unused and settled over the winter months. Unfortunately, the first 80-degree day is not when you want to be on the phone with your HVAC repair service.

If your AC is already starting to groan under the Spring temperature increase, a few precautionary steps can save you a few sweaty days without AC.

Know Signs for AC Repair
Loud noises
Banging, groaning, or high-pitched whining
Unusual smells
Burning plastic or the sharp smell of burning wires
Sweet smell of leaking coolant
Any unusual or upsetting smell from the vents or unit
Extremely weak cold air
Air is barely cold or room-temperature
Blower fan suddenly loses power but is still running
Unstable Power
Flickers, revving, and stop-start behavior

Juan says, “Listen and pay attention to your AC’s performance to tell if it’s about to give out.” A weak AC may be tolerable, but a dead AC can lead to dangerous temperatures inside the house. A malfunctioning AC is also a large electrical appliance that could pose danger if you smell burning of any sort. Your heater may smell briefly like burnt dust, but your air conditioner needs repairs if it crisps anything.

Safety First: When to Call for Air Conditioning Repairs Before Critical Failure

If you hear any loud noises or smell anything alarming, turn off the AC and call for repairs before the unit critically fails. When there is risk of fire, coolant leak, or other major damage, it’s better to stop the machine before it grinds to a halt. This can save you money and time in total repairs and keep your family safe from things like electrical fires.

AC Not Working? Reset the Unit Before Calling for Repairs

What if your AC stops working – but it was performing fine otherwise? Power failures, coil freezing, and even brief power interruptions like a rolling brown-out can interrupt your AC and it may need to be reset. You can save yourself an AC repair trip by knowing a few clever AC resetting tricks to try before calling for expert support.

Switch the thermostat off and back on
Turn the AC off for 5-30 minutes, then back on
Switch to heat for 10 minutes, then back to cold
Reset the indoor breaker
Reset the outdoor breaker
Try the reset function on the indoor or outdoor unit
Replace the batteries in the thermostat

Reset the power at each level you can reach. Give your AC a little downtime or reset it by switching from heat back to cold. If nothing else works, check to see if your thermostat is the detachable battery-powered type and, if so, change the batteries.

If that doesn’t work, call for AC repairs just in case something has broken or the critical reset switch is out of reach.

Fast AC Repairs to Keep You Cool in the Next El Paso Heat Wave

If your El Paso home needs air conditioning repairs during a heat wave, there’s no time to spare. Call SoBellas Home Services for the fast replacement of air conditioning, inspection and repairs you need to keep your family cool when your AC breaks down in the heat.

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