Every air conditioner has a lifespan.

EL PASO, TX, August 04, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Every air conditioner has a lifespan based on the quality of the unit, regular maintenance, and the number of months in a year that your AC runs. So, in El Paso, “installing a new AC is a fairly regular occurrence” according to Julian a lead tech at SoBellas. ACs here tend to last between seven and fifteen years. This means that many El Paso homeowners have stayed in one place long enough to replace their air conditioner at least once, and that time may be coming up again.

SoBellas AC experts can tell when your AC is on its last legs with a quick inspection, but today, we’re here to help you explore why you might need a new air conditioner if you’ve already noticed the signs. Let’s dive right in.

Your Old Air Conditioner Can’t Keep Up

Is your old AC coughing and wheezing it’s way through summer cooling? Did it come out of winter hibernation in less than excellent form? It’s one thing to emit a little dust once in a while, but an old AC that needs to be replaced often just can’t keep up with the intense demands of El Paso summer heat.

“If you’ve set the thermostat to a reasonable temperature but your AC just isn’t reaching the goal, there’s a good chance that the old unit is about to see its last summer” said Julian. Don’t hesitate to call SoBellas AC technicians to check out your air conditioner to discover if it needs cleaning, maintenance, or if it’s time to start researching efficient new replacement options.

Your Summer Power Bills are Too High

Speaking of efficiency, how was your power bill last summer? How is your power bill looking as the weather warms up? While energy prices play a role, you can always tell an AC that’s on its way out when it needs more and more electricity every year. As cooling systems get old, they struggle to keep up, which causes your AC to eat up power without prividing extra cold.

This is not just inconvenient and not-too-eco-friendly, it’s also expensive! With current costs, it’s a good idea to weigh the costs of running an old and increasingly inefficient AC all summer compared to the one-time expense of a new air conditioner installation.

Your Air Quality is Ailing

The air quality in your home is also determined by the lifespan of your AC. If there is constant dust, allergens, or stale-feeling air in the house, you have two options. The first is to get your AC coils and all your ductwork clean. Of course, once your ducts are sparkly clean and your air still tastes like dust or smells of mold, or isn’t cycling enough, it’s definitely a problem with the old air conditioner unit.

Julian says, “Consistently poor air quality is a very good reason to need a new air conditioner”, and SoBellas is ready to step up to the plate with great models to choose from and a speedy, considerate installation process.

Your Air Conditioner Needs Constant Repairs

Of course, the clearest sign that an air conditioner is ready to be replaced is constant repairs. If your AC can’t keep up because it is continually freezing over, breaking a blower fan, or shorting out the thermostat, that unit is on its last legs. In fact, once your AC starts needing one repair a year (much less multiple repairs), it’s zombified and ready for the grave.

Constant repairs mean that the AC is so old or worn out that all the parts are going at about the same time, and so your frequency of repairs will only increase until you are ready to schedule a new air conditioner to replace it.

Explore New Air Conditioner Options with SoBellas

Fortunately, you and your failing air conditioner are not alone. SoBellas technicians are friendly and capable, and we have a great selection of energy-efficient, El Paso ready, air conditioners for you to choose from. Our team will help you find the right AC for the size of your home and utility space to get cool air blowing efficiently through your home again in no time.

Contact SoBellas in El Paso to explore why you need a new air conditioner and what we can do about it!

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