Renowned author, speaker, and radio/TV personality, Dr. Madelyn Blair, takes the spotlight in this very special profile. “Unlock” her hit series, explore her acclaimed work, and get ready for the return of Mental Espresso, reimagined for 2023.

JEFFERSON, MD, July 14, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Celebrated New York marketing and advertising firm, The Stone Register (“TSR”), has been a steadfast advocate for Dr. Madelyn Blair since 2018, amplifying her message through various channels. Recognizing her exceptional contributions to resilience and leadership, TSR has selected Dr. Blair as the focal point of their Q2 Platinum Flagship article, highlighting her transformative insights.

Dr. Blair’s hit series [on e360tv], “Unlocked,” has garnered a significant following, attracting viewers with its engaging content and stellar panel of guests. Now, she plans to reintroduce her influential publication, Mental Espresso, reimagined for the present times. This beloved publication now begins with evocative questions, then offers bit-sized nuggets of insight through direct clips from her guests. It is published exclusively on social media platforms. Prompted by evocative questions, quotations are replaced by direct clips from her guests and are published on social media.

As the inaugural recipient of the Renaissance Leader title awarded by TSR, Dr. Blair’s remarkable contributions and dynamic presence in various fields have been recognized. Her recent appointment as President of Programming for The Business Network on e360tv further solidifies her position as a leading authority in resilience and leadership, curating exceptional programming to empower viewers in the realm of modern business.

Expressing her gratitude for the opportunities and projects that lie ahead, Dr. Blair is committed to pushing boundaries, exploring new horizons, and delivering transformative experiences that inspire and empower individuals. With a vast body of work, including published works, radio and TV programs, and the highly anticipated return of Mental Espresso, her impact goes far beyond what can be captured in a single article.

Dr. Blair acknowledges the support and contributions of her associates, colleagues, guests, and growing audience, recognizing their role as catalysts for shared success. Together, they create meaningful and impactful work, forging ahead on a remarkable path of growth and innovation.

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