OCEAN, NJ, November 28, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Liberty Automotive Protection is a company that specializes in offering a variety of automotive protection plan options for all types of vehicles. It’s not unusual for people to worry about whether they’ll have the financial resources needed to handle an unexpected automotive repair bill, but a protection plan from Liberty Automotive can alleviate those concerns by providing drivers with a protection plan that is designed to best meets their needs.

Drivers have four protection plans to choose from, each offering specific coverage that can provide an easy to manage solution for untimely repair issues. Depending on the age of the vehicle to be covered as well as the driver’s budget, there’s a plan to help just about any driver. Protection plans include the select, powertrain, powertrain enhanced (with a few extra covered components), and the engine protection plan. The plans are all easy to understand, so choosing the right one is fairly straightforward.

In addition to providing the peace-of-mind that today’s drivers need, Liberty Automotive Protection Plans also provide some extra benefits. For example, all plans come with the ability to make an unlimited number of claims as well as national coverage, so repairs can be made locally or if you are traveling, a service provider in your locale will be able to get covered repairs handled under the specific protection plan. Other benefits that drivers find very useful are roadside assistance, lockout service, trip interruption protection, car rental if repairs require a vehicle to stay in the shop overnight, and transferable coverage. If you plan on selling your vehicle in the future, transferable coverage can be a desirable selling point.

All protection plans offered by Liberty Automotive Protection come with a $100 deductible as well as refundable coverages and plans that are renewable. Maintaining the right protection plan is easy, even if a driver has made previous claims.

The Select Plan is the most comprehensive and thorough plan offered by Liberty Automotive. This plan provides coverage for common repair problems, such as engine problems, including issues with gas, diesel, and rotary engines. Other covered components include automatic and manual transmission, transaxle, steering, suspension, brakes, air conditioning, electronics, and more.

The Engine Plan is another popular protection plan and includes numerous engine components, such as rocker arms, pistons, valve springs, crank shaft, cylinder heads, engine block, timing chain, and more. This plan is ideal for people who drive an older vehicle and want a little peace-of-mind that if their vehicle has an engine problem, it’s covered.

The Powertrain Plan includes all internally lubricated parts of the engine as well as drive axles and transmission. These parts of a vehicle often sustain the greatest wear and tear, making them susceptible to failure. Additionally, they can be some of the most expensive repair issues a driver might face.

The Powertrain Enhanced Plan protects the same components as the Powertrain Plan, such as the engine (gas or diesel), transmission, and drive axles, but it also covers basic air conditioning and electrical problems as well.

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