London-based publicity wizard speaks on Learning from Others entrepreneurs’ podcast, telling business owners to have a cause and emphasize human connections.

BRIGHTON, ENGLAND, December 12, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Jad Mawlawi, CEO and Co-Founder of influencer marketing firm Dooply, was featured on the entrepreneur-focused podcast Learning from Others. Mawlawi urged listeners not to let technological advancements overshadow human-to-human interactions and to promote an ethical vision.

In the podcast, Jad Mawlawi describes his business journey. He started his career in the finance industry in his native country of Lebanon, managing a multi-million dollar portfolio of financial assets. Mawlawi relocated to London and earned his Bachelor of Arts in Business Management at the American International University. While living in London, he worked for Technosoft, leading negotiations with several Arab countries to promote U.S. technology in the oil and gas industry.

Jad Mawlawi recently founded Dooply, which offers a fresh approach to marketing. It focuses on human interactions and endorsements and the belief that the most successful businesses are backed by a meaningful cause.

“The company is focused on humans as the vehicle to spread a message—and it should be a legitimate message,” said Mawlawi. “We first help clients construct a message that we can then spread to humans, taking it viral.”

Mawlawi explained that companies that merely offer products or services will lose ground to competitors with a mission, and he helps companies develop that mission in their branding.

“There’s a lot of saturation in the marketing industry, and it’s not competitive just to rely on traditional marketing,” said Mawlawi. “What can make a difference and give businesses a competitive edge is if they can make their message a cause and make people endorse it and spread it throughout the world.”

Mawlawi shared a number of tips for budding entrepreneurs, including hiring people not just with good skills, but with personalities that will complement the company’s team and mission. He encouraged business leaders to avoid getting mired in day-to-day operational issues, such as accounting and office management, focusing instead on growth and sales.

Mawlawi urged companies to prioritize quality over quantity, focusing on fostering relationships with key clients. He also said that success is found through having a higher purpose for a company rather than simply making money, and he encouraged business owners to be as adaptive as possible.

“Be agile and flexible and open to new ideas as much as possible,” said Mawlawi. Always look for the right direction to take a business and adjust its model to the market.”

The Learning from Others podcast features moderator Damon Burton, who combines his experiences in on-air radio with his years of doing online marketing for successful entrepreneurs. The podcast will soon be featured on Jad Mawlawi’s YouTube channel. It will be broken into topic-specific segments, allowing innovators to focus on those topics that are most relevant to their interests and needs.

The podcast interview comes on the heels of Mawlawi’s recent IdeaMensch interview, during which he shared his vision for the future of successful entrepreneurship.

Jad Mawlawi is the co-founder of Dooply, a marketing company focused on human to human interactions and endorsements driven by an ethical vision.

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