We hear the words “blogger” and “influencer” thrown around a lot in the fashion industry. Now in 2020 the fashion industry is no longer solely governed by magazine or newspaper editors– today’s catwalk front rows are sprinkled with a mix of journalists, stylists and celebrities – and those that fit somewhere in between.

Fashion bloggers first emerged over a decade ago, marking a huge milestone in terms of democratizing the fashion industry. They have a point of view, a certain taste and a unique way of presenting and documenting fashion – whether visual or written. Fashion bloggers also tend to do collaborate with designers and/or brands.

Today we are writing about one such blogger who collaborated with a specific brand and the designer who facilitated that process from within the brand.

Janvi Ghatalia is a designer in New York City, whose constant

need for novelty is fueled by the quirks and oblique designs that

drive her career forward. Janvi currently works for a brand called

1. State and creates about 4 collections per year. Every once in a

while, a fashion blogger comes along that is interested in

collaborating with the brand, adding to Janvi’s regular


A recent collaboration involved Jaime Shrayber, a fashion blogger from Texas. In the fall of 2019, Jaime and 1. State decided to partner together in creating pieces that would trickle out throughout 2020. Since most fashion collections are designed and put into production almost 6-8 months before they hit the stores, the collaboration only made tweaks to the already existing collections designed by Janvi and her team. Once Jaime choose her specific styles, it was then up to Janvi to execute her vision, making it cohesive, yet keeping Jaime’s vision in mind.

Ms. Ghatalia was put in charge of accelerating this project, which included approving final pantone colors, prints, linesheets, tech packs and designs. Essentially everything that would be required from a design team.

Responsible for ensuring the successful rollout of the 1. State x Jaime Shrayber Collection, Janvi’s leadership and masterful design decisions wowed 1. State and Jaime Shrayber alike. This was a sink or swim juncture in Ms. Ghatalia’s career – but thanks to her ample talent and attention to detail, she showed that she was more than capable of thriving in the deep end of the fashion pool. With more celebrities/influencers taking note of this success, it is more than likely that future collaborations will follow under Ms. Ghatalia’s expert direction.