Eco-friendly fertilizer, used at top golf courses and professional sports stadiums, is now available for residential lawns and gardens

EASTON, PA, February 23, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — The eco-friendly fertilizer used by turf managers at Top-100 golf courses, professional sports stadiums, and other elite venues is now available for purchase by homeowners for their lawns, landscapes, and gardens.

EarthWorks introduced EarthWorks For Home™ in October as the Easton, PA-based company celebrated its 35th year of producing the organic fertilizer that professionals count on for the turf at some of the world’s most visible – and beautiful – venues. Products are now available for the 2023 lawn and garden season.

“When you want your lawn and garden to look as pristine as a PGA tournament golf course or as manicured as an NFL playing field, EarthWorks For Home is what you use. EW4H products are the same products that professionals use, but branded for the home environment and packaged for ease of use. Even for novice green thumbs, grass will be greener, flowers will be more vibrant, and vegetables will be healthier – all while you help the environment at your home and in the world,” EarthWorks Founder and President Joel Simmons said.

Staffed with scientists and agronomists, EarthWorks has decades of experience in biological soil management. The EarthWorks soil-first approach uses soil testing to generate a plan to feed the soil with available carbon and minerals, creating a healthy foundation for turf, lawns and gardens – those seen by millions worldwide, or yours at home.

Home gardeners and lawn enthusiasts can use the same soil testing process that the professionals use. The EW4H Soil Test Kit generates an easy-to-read, user-friendly report that visually details which carbon-based fertilizer types and amendments the residential lawn or garden needs. The fertilizers are: EW4H Replenish, which is a granular, dry fertilizer available in a lawn version and a garden version; EW4H Liquid, a spray fertilizer also available in a lawn version and garden version; and MagFusion, a magnesium supplement for both lawns and gardens.

All EarthWorks fertilizers are OMNI certified organic or organic based. The fertilizers capture carbon from the atmosphere and lock it into the soil where it serves as nourishment for grass, gardens and crops. As a result, EarthWorks and EW4H fertilizers not only are environmentally safe but help mitigate climate change.

Founded in 1988, before organic was cool, EarthWorks recently surpassed 35 years of creating carbon based, eco-friendly fertilizers that nourish turf and plants at famous venues – and now at home.

About EarthWorks For Home

EarthWorks For Home, introduced in October 2022, takes EarthWorks soil nourishment principles used by professionals at some of the world’s most recognizable venues and brings them right into your backyard. The EarthWorks products are packaged for ease of use so that any green thumb can enjoy beautiful lawns and gardens while helping the environment.

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About EarthWorks
EarthWorks, founded in 1988 and based in Easton, PA, makes carbon based fertilizers for the golf course, sports turf, landscape and lawn care professionals. Our products have been used on elite golf courses and sports fields. We promote a deeper respect for the soil, the landscape, our friends and our clients. And that respect goes deeper than any fertilizer.

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