Vellum Publishing, Inc. announces the release of a Blackstone Audio distribution, THE TOOTH FAIRY LEGEND: The Touch of Kindness.

ROUND TOP, NY, October 06, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — At last, the reason behind the Tooth Fairy’s visits to children is revealed in the audiobook, THE TOOTH FAIRY LEGEND: The Touch of Kindness. Never before has this timeless myth of childhood been so clearly defined in story and song. Learn why the teeth collected by the Tooth Fairy are taken to the Isle of Kindness, and why the Tooth Fairy’s job is much more vital than anyone imagined.

This audiobook includes the narrated story and fully-orchestrated songs sung by a cast that includes children of all ages. Here is a wondrous tale that will thrill the imagination of every child who has ever awaited, or ever will await, the visit of the Tooth Fairy.

THE TOOTH FAIRY LEGEND: The Touch of Kindness is an important book for children for many reasons: Families can enjoy the excitement of a fantasy-adventure story that does not resort to violence to entertain; the “chapter book” concept allows for a daily story time that children can eagerly anticipate; this folktale reinforces many important values, such as kindness to others, respect for all people, forgiveness, acceptance of others’ differences, responsibility, giving versus selfishness, the power of love and affection, helping and friendship, honesty, and having an important role within society.

Anyone who feels these elements are important and would like to see them reinforced through a young child’s reading should have this audiobook as a part of the family library.

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