Kay A. Oliver is a First Place winner at The BookFest Awards Spring 2023 for the books titled “Road to Elysium” and Second Place for “Grave Disturbances.” The books are honored in the Historical Fiction category.

LOS ANGELES, CA, April 12, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — The highly anticipated book “Road To Elysium,” by award-winning author Kay A. Oliver and which is inspired by a true story that has won three First Place awards in BookFest Spring 2023 which were announced March 31st:

1. Fiction & Historical – Fictional Biography
2. Fiction & Literary – Come of Age
3. Fiction & YA – Boys & Men

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Book 2 of the award-winning Dr. Kaili Worthy series, “Grave Disturbances” by author Kay A. Oliver, won three new awards as well:

1. 2nd Place for Fiction & Historical – Mystery
2. Fiction & Sci-Fi – Action & Adventure
3. Fiction & Supernatural – Paranormal & Psychic Phenomenon

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The BookFest honors authors who create outstanding works of fiction and nonfiction.

The BookFest’s dedication to honoring authors is rooted in a belief in the transformative power of literature and a desire to support and celebrate those who create it.

“It is important to recognize authors for the role they play in creating and sharing stories that entertain, educate, and inspire readers. Books transport us to new worlds, broaden perspectives, and foster empathy. As the Founder of The BookFest, I believe that by saluting authors and their literary achievements we elevate the importance of literature in our society.” says, Desireé Duffy, Founder of The BookFest,

Duffy continues, “I am thrilled to announce Kay A. Oliver as the winner of first place awards at The BookFest Awards. This year’s competition was particularly fierce, and Kay A. Oliver should be very proud of this achievement.”

“Road to Elysium” delivers a heartfelt story of a shattered man that confronts a set of unforeseen events which alters his life forever.

In a “Road to Elysium,” a man who had all he ever wanted, unexpectedly finds himself shattered and broken due to a single tragedy. Ken has given up on the happiness he once knew. When some neighborhood kids decide to rob his house, setting off a chain of repercussions that Ken could not have predicted. It ultimately leads to meeting Mykel, a young man who would change how Ken approaches life and views the world.

“This book had me see a different lens on life; should we give our lives over to heartaches, or is the right step always to act on our sorrows and find ways to move forward?” ~Reader’s Review

Reasons to read it: Kay A. Oliver’s books are easy to read, and fast paced. Many of her readers say they do not want to put her books down. Her characters handle serious situations with love and care. The stories are wholesome and uplifting. And are full of unexpected twists and turns.

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About the author
A storyteller by her very nature, Kay A. Oliver has been creative her whole life. An avid reader and writer, she has begun focusing on her own stories to share in hopes of bringing joy to those that read her work. Her easy-to-read style makes her books page-turners that are full of twists you never see coming.

Kay A. Oliver was a prolific writer in the entertainment industry, and she has been writing since her youth, winning many different awards in the course of her career. Now she is following her passion for authoring fictional books. Her fictional series “Disturbed Tombs” won her first place in the Spring 2022 BookFest Writing Awards. “Sisters In Cold Blood” is also an award-winning detective novel.

“Road to Elysium” is her latest page-turner, leaves nothing to doubt. Her writing style and Hollywood experience never deliver a dull moment. Her ability and her imagination are quickly making her a legendary storyteller of our time.

Kay A. Oliver graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a Communication: Radio, TV, Film degree. She took on Hollywood for a few decades. During that time, she obtained her master’s degree in Business, Finance. She is still a current member of the TV Academy.

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