Elizabeth Graham offers an exclusive and stunning behind the scenes look at Russia that will reshape our thinking about American politics and the future of Democracy in the United States.

WILMINGTON, NC, August 02, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Elizabeth Graham’s new book, From Democracy to Democrazy, is an intriguing and informative “must read” from a woman who is probably the best-informed American on the terrifying realities concerning Vladimir Putin’s motivations and his control over Trump.

Putin intends to destroy our democracy from within – and he is succeeding. As a Cold War-era spy, he blames the U.S. for the fall of the Soviet Union. The tools used to achieve this destruction include: racism, violence, insurrection, cyber-attacks, inflation, isolationism, and the conversion and control of American “assets” which includes Donald J. Trump. For example, violence and hate-crimes increased in our country by 30% due to Trump’s “hate-filled” speeches – words used to incite a riot or inspire someone to buy a gun and randomly shoot into a crowd. The year 2020 was the largest single-year U.S. crime rate increase ever.

Where is the proof? Proof and verification is found in Graham’s stunning new nonfiction book – From Democracy to Democrazy. The ebook version of the book was ranked number one in three categories on Amazon only weeks after it’s release. It was an immediate bestseller.

Elizabeth Graham had a Top Secret Clearance at the age of 16, and worked undercover with the CIA at the age of 17. Then she joined the Foreign Systems Research Center where she spent 12 years studying Russia and Russian, and managed the largest Russian-language military, technical and intelligence library in the U.S. She began to travel to the Soviet Union and then became one of the very few Americans to move to the USSR. She lived under Communism in the Soviet Union, then Russia, and Central Asia long enough to become bi-cultural – she became Russian. Her first-hand knowledge and understanding of life in a communist or dictatorship country is shared with Americans in this book, as well as an expression of pure fear of Trump’s behavior, decisions, and words.

As stated on her website, “When you first read From Democracy to Democrazy, you might think you have found yourself in the middle of a John Grisham novel, or a movie like The Manchurian Candidate. This story line however is true.” From her rejection of an invitation to join the KGB (and surviving to talk about it), to Trump’s attendance at the Beverly Hills nightclub opening in Moscow (her oldest daughter managed this joint venture) – her real-life experiences were absorbed only through firsthand encounters. Knowledge gained during this journey is shared with her readers and is entirely factual. This is not a slanted political story written with the intention of swaying political positions, but rather a rendition of her life’s hard-earned wisdom.

As Graham has stated, “Trump sold his soul – and our country – to the devil when he did business with or borrowed money from a long list of ruthless Russian business men who ALL work directly for President Putin. It appears that his desperate need for money – as revealed in his business losses and tax returns (FACT – he filed 4 bankruptcies, lost millions of dollars in business deals, and scammed his debtors), and his apparent constant lust for attractive women (FACT – Russian prostitutes are not only skilled but beautiful, and they too all work for Putin), or his massive ignorance about business with Russians likely resulted in a very typical Russian spy trap. Trump was probably hooked and blackmailed (compromised) – therefore he created the ‘big lie’. He filed 60 law suits in his attempt to change the election results, but he had NO EVIDENCE or NO PROOF. He lost all 60 court cases. As the January 6th Committee proved (with factual evidence) – Trump was desperate. The presidency and control of our democracy was potentially his one and only safety net.

“Soviet KGB’s cultivation of Trump began as far back as 1977 and his first marriage to Ivana Zelnickova – a Czechoslovakian citizen and most likely a spy herself. She traveled outside of the Czech Republic during a timeframe when only KGB personnel were allowed to visit other countries. Her death was most likely not an accident, but a common practice among KGB/FSB personnel because she ‘talked too much.’

“This cultivation and compromise of Trump expedited in the 1990’s when he met several Russians (Tefhigrinskiy, Sapin, Kislin, Agalarov, and Shvets) and together they formed a U.S.-based real estate firm which was housed in a Trump Tower in New York These men were all KGB operatives. This firm was primarily involved in multi-million dollar real estate transactions that siphoned black cash from Russia into the U.S. By U.S. law – these transactions were illegal and is just one more gray area where Trump may face indictment.”

From Democracy to Democrazy has received rave reviews and five-stars from readers and reviewers. Kirkus Reviews wrote: “The book’s real value lies in Graham’s personal story, not only as an expert on Russian society, but as a White grandmother and former Republican who finally came to terms with America’s history of discrimination. Graham’s astute commentary is also accompanied by an entertaining and informative assortment of political cartoons, graphs, and charts. A well-researched expert guide to authoritarian regimes and the fragility of democracy in America.”

Another Amazon reviewer stated, “This book is a must-read for Americans who want to know true facts about what’s happening to our country. It takes courage to write about the truth and not fall into that ‘fake news’ trap. This book will give you a stunning perspective – comparing the similarities of how our government operated with Trump at the helm to how Russian government (the DUMA) operates in Moscow. This comparison will shock you. . . . She also connects all the dots of the Trump administration and his partnership with Putin. Thank you, Elizabeth.”

Another reviewer said, “Ms. Graham brings a unique perspective on Putin, as well as Trump’s many relationships with Russians. She speaks Russian and some Ukrainian and worked under-cover with a top-secret clearance. She lived in Russia for nearly 20 years. She also explains how ‘mass manipulation’ began in totalitarian countries, and about how so many Americans were ‘brainwashed’ due to Trump’s repetitive rhetoric – a proven form of brainwashing. Her explanations of how Russia operates to entrap foreigners – including Trump – and then threatens their loved ones is an eye-opener for most naive Americans.”

Elizabeth Graham can be contacted by email at [email protected] . From Democracy To Democrazy is available in ebook and softcover at Amazon. More information is available at her website at http://www.democrazyversion2020.com/.

About Elizabeth Graham:

Elizabeth Graham lives in a quiet rural city in northern Arizona. She had 4 children and has 3 grandchildren. Her oldest daughter died July 16, 2016 when she was in Japan. The Tokyo Police ruled her death a homicide, possibly by poison. Elizabeth was indoctrinated at a young age by her father who was a senior manager working undercover with the CIA. Her college days were in Los Angeles with the desire to become a high school teacher. However, she was destined to study Russia, Russian language, and live a life of Top Secret clearances and undercover work. This lead to senior nonprofit management positions and consulting jobs in strategic places like Moscow and St. Petersburg in Russia, all of the former Soviet countries (15 countries including the Baltics, Central Asia, and Ukraine), Pakistan, Afghanistan, Rwanda, Bosnia, Peru, Brazil, and many other locations. In this process of living and working abroad, she became bi-cultural (American to Russian and back) and multi-lingual.

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