Achieving Happiness; How to boost the confidence, self-esteem, success, and happiness of those that matter to you – it’s as ‘easy as ABC’

LONDON, ENGLAND, December 27, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — The renowned coach and therapist Jeremy Glyn is delighted to announce the publication of his new book Achieving Happiness. This book will give valuable insights to any individual wanting to use more of their potential and be happier, or more fulfilled.

Significantly it will also introduce coaches to his ground breaking ‘Mindset Priming’ approach that enables clients to achieve aspirations that have lain unrecognised in their subconscious.

“In this book I share the concepts and techniques that helped me to overcome my own self-imposed limitations, and I introduce my ‘Mindset Priming’ approach that coaches, clients, and sports stars, find so fascinating and recommend so highly.”

‘Mindset Priming’ combines both psychology and kinesiological concepts and equips people of any age to develop an effective mindset and put themselves on track for greater success and happiness.

This is not simply intended to be a self-help book, but the concepts will help the reader help many others. This makes it an invaluable resource for coaches, parents, and employers.

The book sets out the authors’ ABC model, which was designed to help Jeremy’s clients look at the interactions between their Aspirations, their current Behaviour, their Conditioning and their Description of themselves. At a simple level, this model helps people understand the underlying reasons behind why they are ‘stuck’ in their current level of performance.

“My aim is to inspire the reader to help themselves, and those they care about, to look forward to happier, more fulfilling, and more rewarding lives.”

Achieving Happiness is available at Amazon and Waterstones. … 838301909/

Career biography of Jeremy Glyn

From 1975 Jeremy co-founded and developed what became a well-known business with five thriving offices in London, one in Hong Kong.

After selling his interest in the business in the early 1980s he studied a number of approaches designed to help people apply their minds to fulfilling their potential.

He was the inaugural vice-chairman of the Kinesiology Federation, of which he is now an Honorary Fellow, and was also a Trustee of the Self Esteem Network.

In 1997 he was trained as a coach by David Hemery CBE, of Performance Consultants.

He began mentoring businesses and ambitious individuals and has delivered master classes and workshops on ‘The ABC of Success’ giving many people insights into:

What limits people’s aspirations?
Why are performance improvements so often temporary?
What 4 things inhibit personal/organisational progress?
How do instinctively successful people generate continuous improvement?

In parallel with coaching individuals he worked internationally with organisations such as: BP, Canada Life, Conoco Phillips, Courtaulds Engineering, Elster Gas, GKN, Hawker Siddeley, Honeywell, John Lewis, Keepmoat, and New Holland.

After the London Olympics he was urged to teach Britain’s Olympic coaches his approach and in 2016 he published ‘The Inside Track’, which explained how he integrated Muscle Response Testing with Psychology, Coaching, and Kinesiology into ‘Mindset Priming™’.

His latest book ‘Achieving Happiness’ (subtitled: how to boost the confidence, self-esteem, success, and happiness of those that matter to you – it’s as’ easy as ABC’) adapts his first book for a wider audience.

He shares the concepts and techniques that helped him to overcome his own self-imposed limitations and explains the origins of his ‘Mindset Priming™’ approach that clients and sports stars find so fascinating and recommend so highly.

His mission now is to train coaches, in all fields, how to tap into their clients’ subconscious mindsets and put them on track to achieve their optimum aspirations.

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